/ / Dumb question, but how much does the dog have IQ?

Stupid question, but how much does the dog have IQ?

Answer # 1:

Strong variation in the components, if compared with the human.
In the range from 75 to 150 IQ is measured by the standardWay, below 75 is already an examination. In particular, from 50 to 75 is the ability to care for yourself and understand all the threats. In this sense, dogs have an IQ in this range.
Social intelligence in dogs of shepherds and "smart" breeds is at the level of 85-90.
The mathematical is close to 50, the spatial is more than 100, the verbal is of the order of 70 (the last figures are my estimate).
All the scores are based on a normalized scale.

To compare dogs among themselves, special scales were developed. For example, before a tied dog put a bowl of food, so that it can not reach.

Answer # 2:

0.1 from human

Answer # 3:

There are more than some people.

Answer # 4:

Each dog individually;))

Here is a test for fun: https://otvet.mail.ru/question/3938074

Answer # 5:

The IQ is chosen so that its average value for a particular collective is 100.

In order to talk about the dog's IQ relative to the collective of dogs, it is necessary to somehow evaluate the intellectual abilities of a large group of dogs, to find the average value and to take it as 100.

Answer No. 6:

Is it so important .... it's important that it's a human friend :)!

Answer No. 7:

I think that 1 .. but what it is, they all have different ways ..

Answer No. 8:

Always in different ways, well, the above explained.

Answer No. 9:

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