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How to love a dog if you are afraid of them

Answer # 1:

Only by experience! Now, when you have a dog, togla and stop them being afraid ... :)

Answer # 2:

Start with the stew ....

Answer # 3:

Know that she will not touch you. Animals always feel fear, so do not be afraid

Answer # 4:

Stop being afraid.

Answer # 5:

You see a person in a dog. They understand a lot, and do not like being afraid of them
If there is any cute dog in reach, try to make friends with her
Bring delicious bits, talk, but do not touch your hands until you want to stroke it yourself

Answer No. 6:

Buy a good dog

Answer No. 7:

Dogs are afraid only of people with an unclean conscience, and you still have nothing to be afraid of!

Answer No. 8:

Fight with your inner "I"
A dog is biting, only from the life of a dog!
They are kind and affectionate, if you treat them well.
Well and evil happen, because someone (person), once has hurt them.
No dog will bite you for personal reasons. And they really feel the fear)

Answer No. 9:

Just once overcome your fear go to the dog (preferably to kind) pat and say to yourself "I DO NOT FEAR DOG!" And all welcome to the community of dog lovers!

Answer No. 10:

Read books about dogs, especially about behavior, learn to understand them and stop being afraid, and then you can fall in love

Answer No. 11:

And chyo them to be afraid, they not people!

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