/ / After the bite of dogs, in the wound of the dog appeared worms. There is no doctor. How to help the dog? Who faced this? Help. It's a pity dog

After the bite of dogs, in the wound of the dog appeared worms. There is no doctor. How to help the dog? Who faced this? Help. It's a pity dog

Answer # 1:

A nightmare which try miromistin wash rinse with levometsitinovymi drops .. sorry dog ​​.. I do not understand what it means there is no veterinarian. .

Question: The dog on the neck had a wound from the collar. In this wound wound worms. what to do. They are not only in the wound, but also next to the neck seal with a hole in which is also full of worms.

answer: Under a stream of water and wash the wound from worms and everything else. After cleaning, you need to cut and shave the wool around the edges of the wound, rinse it again with potassium permanganate, then lubricate with levomel and perignate. Lubricate twice a day until it heals.

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Answer # 2:

Well, it's easiest to take him to the vet ... Find somewhere .... we had such a dog in the yard but we cured it ourselves because it did not want to go anywhere))))

Answer # 3:

Why did you bring something like this! Rinse the peroxide, apply the left-hand oil mask, trim the wool around and glue it.

Answer # 4:

Wash wounds from the wound, proof and rewind with a bandage so that the flies do not have access to the wound.

Answer # 5:

Lord ... why do not you follow the dog !! !!
Try to rinse with peroxide, or miromistin ...!

Answer No. 6:

The thing around the wound is shaved and iodized - 2 times in a row
The wound itself should be washed thoroughly with peroxide to remove any muck

If inside the wound and at the edges there is putrefaction of tissues - then it will ask the nearest veterinarian and in any way to get to it

Answer No. 7:

Urgently treat the wound with miromistin orHydrogen peroxide. Then regularly (once or twice a day) apply bandages with baneoecin (ointment or powder). If necessary, rinse the wound with hydrogen peroxide once every two to three days. And it is necessary to shave the wool around the wound.

Answer No. 8:

And you can not bring an animal to the city to a good branch? . Then treat the wound at least with GREEN, and preferably with CHLOROXEXIDINE. Means against ticks and fleas you also have the ability to buy? From flies helps SPRAY against fleas and ticks firm "BAYER". I buy by 300rub. Balonchik.

Answer No. 9:

Cut out the wool around the wound, wash it with hydrogen peroxide, dry it and apply "Sangel". It costs a penny, the effect is stunning. Http://www.vetlek.ru/shop/?alpha=С&id=2812

Answer No. 10:

Vinilin smeared with a sterile napkin ... attach to the wound and bandage ... do dressings in 2 days .... until the wound is not cleanser ...

Answer No. 11:

I looked at Animal of the planets, as a wound with larvae was treated with a reticle.

Answer No. 12:

Wash with warm water and soap, cut out the wool,Then every day (first days) rinse with potassium permanganate. Worms in the wound are maggots, fly larvae, start when the decay of tissues begins, it is very dangerous

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