/ / Heart attack in a dog Could quarrel owners cause a heart attack in an elderly dog?

Heart Attack in a dog Whether the quarrel between hosts could cause a heart attack in an elderly dog?

Answer # 1:


Answer # 2:

Well, you got a dog, pogans ...

Answer # 3:

No, as well as a stroke, etc.

Answer # 4:

Easily. All the negative that occurs in the apartment with the owners, takes over the dog, the cat.

Answer # 5:

I think yes. Dogs are also nervous when a family quarrel ... Remember their behavior when people (two) are actively playing. The dog is also worn wagging its tail. And when quarrels are intonations. They react to them and are worried. You can really say evil to the dog: I love you - it will run to hide

Answer No. 6:

Certainly YES. Freaks, they killed the dog.

Answer No. 7:

I think no, most likely the problems have been with the heart and blood vessels for a long time

Answer No. 8:

Well my shepherds quarrels categorically do not endure ... Everything can be.

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