/ / I want to take the dog from the shelter, how to choose my own? I look at the pictures, I feel sorry for everyone.

I want to take the dog from the shelter, how to choose my own? I look at the pictures, I'm sorry for everyone.

Answer # 1:

What a fancy that and take it) I have a puppy from there too!

Answer # 2:

Take all

Answer # 3:

Only personally. What will suit you and tail with that tail and take it.

Answer # 4:

Come to the shelter, and there already and choose =)

Answer # 5:

When you arrive at the orphanage, you will immediately recognize it, that one and only one)))

Answer No. 6:

Take a puppy, see what you can afford, based on your living conditions, work or study, to take care of it normally. Well, of course, to enjoy!

Answer No. 7:

Molodchinka)) From the shelter to take a good deed)) Well, when you come to the shelter, immediately notice your dog)

Answer No. 8:

No matter what kind of breed, the main thing is to look into the dog's eyes and you will understand who you need. I admire such people, I wish you all the very best.

Answer No. 9:

It's a pity, if such a cute cat will zagryzet (on the avatar).

Answer No. 10:

Look at which of them need help more (inLimits of your abilities, of course - not everyone can afford to take an invalid). After all, for some of them you are the LAST chance. Absolutely the last one! For example, almost completely do not take dogs older than 5 years from medium to large size.

Answer No. 11:

There are new-boy puppies. They can give for a very symbolic amount, and maybe for free. Puppies are not exhibition. Write to me in PM.

Answer No. 12:

Come to the shelter. Your own will choose you.

Answer # 13:

You are a kind-hearted person!
Have more of these!
Choose one that looks at you with those eyes that you will understand, HE (or she) WAIED FOR YOU ALL LIFE !! !!
Oh, dogs ... I love to madness!

Answer # 14:

Of course you decide how to shower who lies. And you can take one that no one would take.

Answer No. 15:

You have to choose your own with a professional-Kinologist from the club - that he looked and tested the dog for suitability for living in an apartment ... there are dogs who look at you only pitifully, but, sorry, teach them to live without burgling an apartment without wailing in it, not shitting. ..almost impossible

Or ask to take the dog out on a leash-Let pass with her through a crowd of people, look at her reaction, ask to pass by street dogs - the dog ALREADY must be socialized and behave calmly

Answer # 16:

Gather all ...

Answer # 17:

From the photos and choose ....
It is necessary in the eyes, in character, in behavior ....
Come, you will see, and you will understand that it is HE.
Photo can be a false impression, until you can not choose to communicate =)

Answer # 18:

Guided by pity when choosing a dog fromShelter is strictly not recommended. As well as choosing a dog from a photo - in the picture, the animal may look attractive, but in fact it turns out to be a cowardly or aggressive half-dick.
If you are not too experienced as a dog breeder, and you can not independently test a dog for aggression, determine the degree of socialization and readiness for living in an apartment, take with you a cynologist.

Find out from the shelter staff, what hurtYou liked the dog, what treatment was received, how long it was examined and whether it was at all. Again, find out how long the dog is in the shelter - the longer the dog stay in the shelter longer, the more difficult and longer will be its socialization for living in an apartment.

Do not be fussed about the stories that the dog onIn fact, it is socialized, it is only at the sight of strangers that it becomes frightened, snarls or hides - a dog ready for attachment should easily go into contact with a person without showing aggression or fright.

Ideally, before choosing and picking the dog yourself, it's worth to go to the shelter, talk with the animal, walk with it, watch the dog lead on a leash in crowded places, etc.

In general, be yourself and be sureTake a professional with you. In shelters, work on socialization is practically not conducted, most dogs are not ready to live with a man, and employees of shelters tend to hide from potential owners both the behavioral and psychological problems of the animals being attached, and the state of their health.

Answer No. 19:

Really it happens?
Does this happen?
So that from a dirty rake dog
Has grown up an intelligent beautiful dog?
Yes, it happens, and yes, it happens.
And an example is that we are with you:
You believed me recklessly,
I love you with all my soul!

I live opposite
The most terrible meal:
Fresh bread is brought
Every early morning.
Ah, it smells good.
Home and people,
Eat at least a piece
Soft warm buns!
Everyone can throw
Stone in my back,
Causing fear.
But not everyone can
So, how are you, darling,
Big hot heart
Melt the shards
Ice mirrors.

Answer # 20:

It is better not to choose from the pictures. Go to the shelter) The dog will choose you))) And you will understand what your ...
Have fun!)

Answer # 21:

Well, of course, the main thing is to see and fall in love, and then ....

Firstly, not all volunteers hide the truth. At least because the "pens" always have the opportunity to return the dog to the shelter (there is no point in lying). Not to mention the fact that there are simply decent people in the world. Ask the volunteer about the character.

Secondly, look, whether the chosen dog has gone to you. If she went, then she is at least contact and friendly. This is a plus!
If it retreats from you, then the adaptation will be difficult.

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