/ / When buying a puppy, which parent should the puppy pay more attention to, the mother or father?

When buying a puppy, which of the parents should the puppy pay more attention to, the mother or father?

Answer # 1:

On a bitch, and not necessarily a bitch should beSuper-titled, according to me-in the uterine type, without pronounced shortcomings and necessarily with a magnificent blood combination. Originating from a strong broodstock family

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

On my father

Answer # 4:

Usually fathers with titles, the mother has only grades, satisfactory. The male is the indicator of the breed.

Answer # 5:

I looked more at the puppy when choosing.

Answer No. 6:

Why father? He is pregnant and wears a puppy in the stomach, of course MOTHER

Answer No. 7:

Ideally - on both!
But still a good bitch will not be tied up by a bad dog!
Unless, of course, we are talking about a thoroughbred animal, with documents ..

Answer No. 8:

It is necessary to look specifically at the puppy or do so:
1) It is necessary mentally, for yourself to choose color, eye color and breed.
2) Go to the pet store.
3) choose the parents who are most suitable for your description.
4) Look at their puppy, if it suits you, then buy
5) We need to approach him and see: how he treats you, and then buy it.

Answer No. 9:

And to my mother and father)) Many things are transferred ...

Answer No. 10:

Mother of puppies. Not only health, but also habits, from my personal experience, are transferred all the same more with the mother.

Answer No. 11:

On both. And the previous generation does not stop paying attention to the siblings of the father and mother, on their descendants from previous matings.

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