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Why do dogs give stale flour for what it?

Answer # 1:

Bone meal is necessary to get the dog the necessary vitamins, which help strengthen bones

Answer # 2:

For the proper development of the skeleton.

Answer # 3:

To prevent rickets and it helps the formation of bones in a dog

Answer # 4:

It contains a lot of calcium! And this is the pledge of healthy teeth and bones in your dog :-)

Answer # 5:

There is calcium. And these are healthy bones and teeth

Answer No. 6:

To maintain health, bone meal for dogs is very useful.

Answer No. 7:

It's already the last century. Now, for proper development, dogs are given normal (factory) food additives and vitamins, the good of this has appeared in recent times a lot, take hotabya firm 8in1. Gelatin, bone meal, calcium gluconate - in the past it all.

Answer No. 8:

This was previously given, more often through ignorance and because ofCheapness. Bone meal is a ballast for the body, it is practically not digested. If such flour is more than the prescribed one is part of dry food, then this cuts down their quality and nutritional value.

Answer No. 9:

What calcium in bone meal? Calcium is absorbed only in the presence of vitamin D (either in bioactive forms - in the form of calcium citrate, or in the form of hydroxyapatite). Forgive me, but this is not present in bone meal, as a result, calcium is practically not digested

Answer No. 10:

The dog (puppy) grows very quickly and the needIn calcium is very high, but the excess is worse than shortage, so from this, proceed, with proper feeding, this flour is not needed in principle, but if the dog does not see cottage cheese, eggs, fish, vitamins and meat, then no bone meal will replace it And you will grow dystrophic.

Answer No. 11:

Buy special vitamins with calcium, from bone meal is of little use:
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