/ / How to teach a dog to walk without a leash, if she is already 1, 1 year old and she does not listen,

How to teach a dog to walk without a leash, if she is already 1, 1 year old and she does not listen,

Answer # 1:

Walk around and walk - different things
The dog is taught to the dog first on a leash, at 100% obedience go to working off with a dangling leash ...
If you just want to pobesitsya with dogs, then a long lead to help you
For walks without a leash the dog should learn the commands: urge (to me / go here), forbidding (fu / un) and fixing (stand, sit or lie)
And more it is necessary that the contact was with the dog so that you were more dear to her than friends, interesting smells and other things

"The method of training is a method of influencing a dog, whose task is to develop the skills necessary for the trainer.
There are the following training methods: tasteful, mechanical, contrasting, playful, imitative, and method of pushing.
The choice of the dog training method is due to itsAge, nervous system, peculiarity of the breed, as well as individual qualities. However, the best results are achieved by the right combination of different methods. "

So what do you give the link?

Answer # 2:

Tapko on the impudent face.

Answer # 3:

You might think = YOU LISTEN = what parents tell you!

Answer # 4:

And why without a lead ?? In the city and without a lead !!!! Rules you know? Leash, muzzle are required!

Answer # 5:

This skill is developed and fixed in the course of passing the course of OKD or UGS, you to the site to the instructor, since there is no experience in training.

Answer No. 6:

A dog without a leash is no longer a dog. Yes, and looking what kind of dog.

Answer No. 7:

And on a leash that, ideally walks? In the city you can not without a leash ...

Answer No. 8:

To train it is necessary. Go to the cynologist. If you lower the leash, at least 3 teams should be perfect. To me, fu, near.

Answer No. 9:

Really listen to the dog begins after 2 years and provided good practice with it

Answer No. 10:

Link to your dressing area and with the instructor to plow and re-plow

Answer No. 11:

Any dog ​​in a public place should be on a leash! This is the law.
And then everyone wants to live "in Europe", and they do not want to observe the elementary laws.

I rarely see even dog handlers,Who walk alongside, and look only at the owner - and next to at least a flock of dogs, cats and monkeys, they do not give a damn, they do not care if the owner does not allow them.

If you are not capable of this, then the leash is your eternal friend.

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