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Buy a puppy from a breeder or take a dog in a shelter? The situation inside

Answer # 1:

Look for the puppy. The adult dog will have psychological problems, and you will constantly drink on the upbringing that was "before". The dog? - The more so. Wait for your girl, puppy, from scratch.
And in general, you, it seems to me, vtyuhivayut what is not needed. Do not lohan.
And ... and yes ... male 3 years old, not for mating - money is not worth it at all.

Answer # 2:

Take a dog at the shelter! And do not fool yourself!)))

Answer # 3:

I think that in such a shelter you definitely should not take it. You give her money, and a week later she will come with a couple of strong men and take the dog back. Strange conditions, I would not trust. The cat herself from the orphanage took a month ago, did not ask anything except for the passport, she also gave her bowls and a tray with her, she did not ask for money.

Answer # 4:

Well, to say to themselves wound the breed and only themselves and decide and continue garbage suffer

Answer # 5:

Of course in the shelter. Take from the breeder means to sponsor dishonorable people.

Answer No. 6:

Many people think that he came to the shelter and just took aI advise you not to get involved with shelters, the dog can be taken away at any time, without a contract, and the contract is ALWAYS in favor of the shelter. Go to the avito, if you do not breed, then the dog is easier to find from the adequate people who will not call you five times a day as do the shelter.

Answer No. 7:

Wait for the puppy from the next mating

Answer No. 8:

This is that shelter, giving dogs on bail ??
The author, do not be suckers ... also take a 3-year-old tap!
There are no problems with the male ... the husband is right!

What kind of breed, if not secret?))

Answer No. 9:

Wait for the puppy.

Answer No. 10:

I would choose the 2nd option. Once, or rather 2,5 years ago, they did so and brought a puppy from another city from the breeding kennel. The distance is 2500 km. In fact, the distance does not matter if the heart feels that the puppy is already yours. Before the final purchase, the breeder provided a photo, a video of the puppy, all the metrics and photos of the parents. Surprises should not have been, they were not, and even the cattery is well known with a good reputation. The husband brought the puppy on the bus, bought 2 places there were no problems, on the train there everything is more complicated with documents zamorochka. But if it so happened that from abroad it would have taken our son to take it, I would still rush. There are in the end transportation of animals Cargo, it is expensive but reliable

Answer No. 11:

Look for another breeder, not the fact that he,Which you found, again you will not deceive, and take an adult dog with its cockroaches and also paid? Only having thought it over and preliminarily communicating with her, it's not for nothing that they refused it.

Answer No. 12:

Directly intrigued: What kind of breed, so rare, and puppies are not expensive (15 - 30 thousand)? Really not to buy a puppy? On these two breeders, the light wedge coincided with what? With co-ownership, I certainly would not contact.

Answer # 13:

Delirium and a hundred times nonsense. In shelters, a contract of condominium is not drawn up, but a contract of responsible maintenance. You are the master. But the curator has the right to monitor the fate of the dog, sometimes he can ask for a personal meeting to look at it. + Trial period, during which, if the curator is not sure of your responsibility, he has the right to pick up the dog. Similarly, you can return it if something goes wrong. The pledge is complete nonsense. Perhaps somewhere this agreement and suffers some changes, but not serious. I would in your place wait for another litter, or thought of another breed.

Answer # 14:

I also advise you to wait for your puppy, whoOnly YOU will be masters. Educate as you need. It will be much more profitable in all senses, including financial, in which case you will spend money on your PERSONAL dog.

Answer No. 15:

I took mine in the subway near the escalator. Better the dog in my life has not seen. Neizbalovanny and obedient. Puppy took it. Neighbors also took a sheep-dog in the orphanage - a silk dog.
* Puppy

Answer # 16:

I would choose the fourth option. Too much right for the owner, and if it turns out to be a bad person you will have problems with both the dog and the money.

Answer # 17:

Search in other cities!

Answer # 18:

Do you need this? Bonded conditions, the dog does not belong to you, and what other people will interfere with your life. You imagine that this is not a dog, but a machine. Would you sign such an agreement? If you want a dog, there's nothing to worry about, wait a year or two, but buy what you want, for many years the joy of owning a fine representative of the breed. I do not have one dog. The latter I was expecting from certain producers, a certain gender, the right character, this was born only after 4 years. But I do not regret it. I'm delighted with her. And further. This agreement is contrary to the law of the Russian Federation.

Answer No. 19:

That for the people. Will you have shoes ??

Answer # 20:

I wonder what kind of breed?

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