/ Puppy 1 month. Scum all night Mom can not stand. How to calm her down? Mom does not sleep all night because of her. Puppy German Shepherd

Puppy 1 month. Scum all night Mom can not stand it. How to calm her down? Mom does not sleep all night because of her. Puppy German Shepherd

Answer # 1:

Mine was crying too. Took it quite baby. We carried it on our hands all the time and stroked all the time. A couple of days calmed down. And I fell in love with "pens." Now it can be asked. Although she is 4 years old, weight 30 kg and the growth of a 10-year-old child), do you just see how he screams? The baby would also be looked at?

Answer # 2:

Do not have fleas?

Answer # 3:

Very small puppy, misses mom. Place a heating pad, place the puppy near the bed. Be with him.

Answer # 4:

If you took it quite recently, this isOk, just misses my mom, will eventually pass. So as not to whine, try to hide it than that, caress, xs, you can give something tasty: 3. In general, now he needs a lot of attention and affection.

Answer # 5:

Try to comfort your mom

Answer No. 6:

Lay him near, eventually get used to!

Answer No. 7:

And then the puppy and so the booth is waiting ...

Answer No. 8:

2 -3 nights will cry and get used. So with all the puppies, who were taken away from the mother.

Answer No. 9:

What a gentle mom ... you at this age, too, all night long whimpered, remind her, somehow she survived.

Answer No. 10:

Early took from my mother. Warm up, do massage-movements and rhythm like a dog licks, especially the tummy. Look at the mouth, allergies can be alimentary, teeth are cut

Answer No. 11:

Enough to take a sugary larva

Answer No. 12:

If you already take an animal into the house, then be ready toSome inconveniences, and care for him! He still took him a little from a warm and caring mother, brought to an unfamiliar place, you would also whine, I think so. Get ready to continue to be more, as long as there will be a lot of things going on: It will gnaw what to like, but for the time being to learn to walk ....
And be sure to read the special literature or information in the internet, find out that if you keep the puppy, there are a lot of nuances.
Puppy should be prepared mattress or mat. On the first day of life of the puppy you do not want to whine, in any case you can not lock the puppy in a dark room, drastically reduce the area of ​​his movement. You can not tie a puppy. When maintaining a puppy on a leash, adverse effects can occur, for example, curvature of limbs, soft back. These consequences are eliminated with great difficulty or even prove to be incorrigible. Staying home alone, the puppy often misses. Starts to gnaw all possible things. Especially often it happens during the change of teeth. Punish for this, too, can not. You do not have to leave shoes on the floor, you have to lift the ends of the tablecloth up, block the sofas and beds, and most importantly put the puppy toys: a rubber ball, rubber toys with a pshchalka, you can leave a sugar bone, which he will be happy to deal with.
Do not give the puppy an old toy instead of a toy, To this only accustom the puppy to play with your shoes. If the puppy takes an object for the game that can not be taken, you must calmly and strongly instruct the team: "Foo!" And take this puppy from the puppy. After that, distract the puppy, you can give him some toy. You can not raise a puppy with a beat, because it develops cowardice incompatible with the qualities of the future working dog.
Puppies can not endure loneliness. They are very sad, in addition, leaving a puppy for a long time it is impossible to avoid troubles. It is recommended to take the puppy down the stairs down to 4 months, since going down to the puppy before this age is harmed by oneself. You can climb a puppy on the stairs from 3 months. Do not abuse the puppy's jumps, because this can lead to sprains.

Answer # 13:

But why such a baby?
Congratulations on the acquisition ... Warm, nurse, comfort, what do you want, such a crumb.

Answer # 14:

But why did you get a puppy? Well, whining is a scapegoat, they are to blame, until a month and a half, he should be with his mother. Puppies at this age often eat, including at night, and then what will the puppies and tear and gnaw and bite and pee and pee in the house until 6-8 months of age ?!

Answer No. 15:

Because the puppy is still suckling ... And they deceived you. In this return, the thoroughbreds will not be given up, since they have not yet passed the activation. Monthly sell only breeders. Otherwise, later they will grow up and it will be seen that the "shepherd" is only a mongrel sheepfish ... A special sign of such dogs is the absence of documents. And the health of such puppies leaves much to be desired ...

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