/ / The puppy cats at home, what should I do?

Puppy croaks at home, what to do?

Answer # 1:

Take out a puppy on the street, which the puppy at homePostponed and lead the puppy to this place to walk. At dogs on a smell works out in a toilet. A cookie on the street for this matter is not necessary to praise, you can just very much rejoice, the puppy will notice at once)))))

Answer # 2:

Buy the nails

Answer # 3:

Walk even longer, until it completely can not stand. Well, Olga offered a good version of teaching.
I had an option with a 6-month-old bitch, already quiteAccustomed to the street, did not try to write at home, and tried not to write, and once the incident happened - just sat down to put the poo out, behind her, the boys jumped from the garage to the garage with a roar, then cut off, endures on the street, whines, pulls home , There I will croak. Probably, it took two weeks to walk for a long time, until the bitch completely abandoned it, then calmed down, again entered the normal rhythm.

Answer # 4:

Walk more often

Answer # 5:

Scold for the hawk at home.
As soon as you eat something immediately go out for 1 hour. There with a dog gulcht and run necessarily. And until he goes to the toilet, do not go to the lady.
I taught so!

Answer No. 6:

Good puppy, well done. And then all the lawns were bitten by the dogs.

Answer No. 7:

Kakahi at home and up to eight months maybe ... It is considered the norm ... To teach and to accustom ... Need time-stop ....

Answer No. 8:

Buy him a tray

Answer No. 9:

Clean up. Puppies at home can spoil up to 8 months. Accustom at least to a special absorbent diaper.

Answer No. 10:

Learn to walk on the road

Answer No. 11:

Buy the elbow and train him to walk in it.

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