/ / Puppy husk 1 month. What to feed from natures. Products? Puppy 1 month. Like.

Puppy Laika 1 month. Than to feed from nature. Products? Puppy 1 month. Like.

Answer # 1:

Within 3 days after weaning from the mother to feed what the puppy fed the breeders. Do not introduce new products into the puppy's food.
Feeding schedule. For the first 3 days of staying in your house.
Each of the feedings should have a volume of 3 tsp. (For the first three days)
6-00: porridge + cottage cheese + meat. 10-00: cottage cheese 13-00: porridge + cottage cheese + meat 16-00: porridge + cottage cheese 19-00: cottage cheese + meat 23-00: porridge + cottage cheese + meat
All new products are fed into the puppy's feed from the sample, Ie with one tablespoon (in case of non-tolerance or allergy). The test for tolerance and reaction of the body is carried out for 12 hours, if there is no negative reaction of the organism, then this food is introduced into the main food.
The frequency of feeding the puppy to one year from 1 to 2 months is 6 times; / From 2-4 months - 5-times; / With 6-8 months -3raz with 4-6 months - 4-times; / From 8-10 months -2 times; / S 10m-1year - 1-2 times
Recommended products are a continuation in the source. .



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Go to the site of this breed and read everything in detail.

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