/ What about the dog?

What about the dog?

Answer # 1:

Five hours at a temperature minus 2-for dogs a trifle, with it there will be no temperature and lethargy

By the way right now measure and write how much is actually the temperature of the dog

Answer # 2:

Well, I think it's better to reduce, all of a sudden ...

Answer # 3:

Let it rest a day, tomorrow it will be seen.

Answer # 4:

At elevated temperature there is even a senseContact the veterinarian. Observe during the day for the dog, periodically measure the temperature. If it becomes normal, I see no reason to worry. In adult dogs, the norm is up to 39.

Answer # 5:

You did not write WHAT is the temperature. Up to 39 - normal.

Answer No. 6:

From running on the street in dogs, the temperature does not rise.

Answer No. 7:

How did the temperature measure?)

Answer No. 8:

Call a vet

Answer No. 9:

We with the dog (husky) on the elbrus climbed itFled with 4000 km. After that there was an increased appetite and increased drowsiness (I was very tired), I slept and everything was fine. In my opinion, if the dog eats and sleeps after long loads during the day, there is nothing to worry about, you watch it if it is sluggish and then take it to a vet clinic.

But the main thing is that the dog ate and drank. With temperature not high and with easy food poisoning they can cope, if there are certainly additional factors of diseases.

Answer No. 10:

If there are new symptoms, and (or) drowsinessDo not pass, then you should contact the veterinarian. And when prescribing a drug, read the rules of the reception so that the dog does not have any stress. Http://foxispet.ru/gigiena/lekarstvo_bez_stressa/?utm_medium=vir&utm_source=forum&utm_term=lekarstvo

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