/ / Can a 17 year old girl become the owner of a dog breed Caucasian sheepdog

Can a 17 year old girl become the owner of a dog breed of Caucasian sheepdog

Answer # 1:

I think Caucasian Shepherd is a very serious breed andDo not start her as the first dog. To begin with, it is necessary to have a dog as obedient as a poodle, to drink and see who is the master of the house. By the first dog you can understand whether you can be a leader. If you can manage animals from birth, then you can bring a Caucasian. You do not have to be strong physically to raise a normal dog. It is necessary to have the character of a leader. Do not shout at dogs, especially beat. Dogs understand everything without words, at the energy level, if you have a high level, then the animals feel it.

Answer # 2:

Maybe if I'm ready to run 25 km a day with her

Answer # 3:

If you educate well, you will manage. And if it is uncontrollable, then some men will not cope

Answer # 4:

If there is a possibility, desire, it is possible

Answer # 5:

It all depends on your strength of character.

Answer No. 6:

If it is in your life the first dog, thenYou need at least 1 - 2 times a week to take training lessons from the INSTRUCTOR - a tutor ... And one lesson costs from 300 to 1000 rubles ... Provided that you have a manicure on your hands - it's not accrued nails and your shoes - it's Not high-heeled shoes.

Answer No. 7:

Are you physically holding it? Even a canine teenager, until you brought him up (and this is not a matter of one day!), Is able to so jerk that an adult man can drop. And who will pay for this pleasure? To you 17 - means, will act in high school, whether to a dog will be to you?

Answer No. 8:

Of course not!
By what criteria does a man in his 17th year choose a Caucasian for himself ?!

Answer No. 9:

At the neighbor the Caucasian-Caucasian rocker jerked at mine, the neighbor did notI kept it, at the last moment I managed to jump onto the dog and pressed it to the ground. And for a long time the girl sometimes walked the Caucasian when her parents were away; Walk, go home .... five minutes later we see it coming back, it rests and it does not come out) Vobshchem her dog walking for hours, well at least it was harmless.
Do not keep the Caucasian.

Answer No. 10:

I have a neighbor under 100 kg, an Afghan paratrooper could not cope with his Caucasian.
So if we rely only on strength, then no person will easily hold 256 kg of Caucasians and therefore the question boils down to whether you can raise.
Since the Caucasians were originally kept in houses, and -Sign - in the 20's they were chosen as a breed for the development of Soviet cynology, pouring both to Chernysh and to the Moscow watchdog, and, later, to BEE, then the breed is good.
From the point of view of the right, there are no straight lines. I would recommend the dog, it may be easier and more convenient.

Answer No. 11:

With it, not all adult peasants manage it. You can try, but here the main thing is to find a responsible breeder and grow a dog under his tireless patronage

Answer No. 12:

If you asked such a question, then do not buy it.

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