/ / That's how to be if brazenly threatened to poison the dog?

Here's how to be if brazenly threatened to poison the dog?

Answer # 1:

Say in this spirit (change your lexicon): "Thank you for warning, I will now know who to suspect if that."
Then it's better not to continue, so as not to zamylitSaying; If the conversation continues within the legal framework - your position is "the dog in the Civil Code - property, causing damage to it - causing damage to my property." And there is Article 245 in the Criminal Code for cruel treatment of animals. " About the fact that this article in this case is unlikely to be broadcast, it is not necessary to report :)

Answer # 2:

Walk elsewhere

Answer # 3:

Yes, no one will poison ... just rendezvous ... wife can rinse?
But do not forget to watch so that the dog does not eat anything ... just in case.

Answer # 4:

Walk under your windows, and even more forgive a sachet-another with you to wear and clean up for the dog Kakahi

Answer # 5:

245 tbsp. The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in this case does not roll absolutely. Her "zoozaschitnichki" do not know, only heard the ringing, but do not know where he is. At them - hardly that - ah, we will involve for the cruel treatment ... Funny, the word of honor ...
And causing damage to this particular person - you are tortured to prove.

Answer No. 6:

Empty threats

Answer No. 7:

Mobile get and write a freak onCamera with his threats and say, if that's the case with a dog, then be aware of whom to write a statement. Maybe it will work on this idiot. And try not to go there with a dog any more, the health of a pet is more important than arguing with a stupid idiot.

Answer No. 8:

And I would not walk along the roadside, where the exhaust is exhausted, the grass is already blackened. The dog smells it all up, sniffs ... do you want to provide lung cancer?

Answer No. 9:

How to be that? Well, probably look better. That there is lying on the street and not allow picking up and sniffing everything suspicious of a dog

Answer No. 10:


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