/ / Is there such a breed of dogs and a good friend and a great defender?

Is there such a breed of dogs and a good friend and a defender excellent?

Answer # 1:

If you need a dog for the soul and protection and you do not want to spend a lot on buying a dog - TAKE THE ORDINARY PARTY. She will be more faithful than any other and guard better than the pit bulls)

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

German Shepherd

Answer # 4:

Of course there is, the same familiar and well-known German shepherd, a good friend and a good defender

Answer # 5:

Such a dozen can be called. Everything depends on the conditions of detention, upbringing and training.

Answer No. 6:

Siberian Husky (very devoted dogs) And byThe size of it is large, so I think I can protect .... In general, any breed of a dog can be well cared for and patted, then it will understand that you love her and will also take care, protect) Though take the mongrel)

Answer No. 7:

The best courtyard terrier

Answer No. 8:

It's easier to name exceptions than list all the breeds that have these qualities.

Answer No. 9:

German Shepherd Siberian Husky and many others

Answer No. 10:

This is for everyone its for me is a big dog in his childhood Moscow watchdog was and now CAO

Answer No. 11:

Yes, I even have York as healthy as it protects. In general, depending on what you need to protect. If the territory, then the breeds that the territory is well guarded, friends are not very good), because they are too independent (the Caucasus, for example). And if you need to protect, then take any service breed. Just think: if your dog still has to protect you, you will still be guilty if any person suffers. For example, my Doberman simply will not allow me to defend. Because with an easy movement of the jaw she will bite the man's hand. And then to court, or to pay for treatment (at best).

Answer No. 12:

What kind of education, this will happen!

Answer # 13:

I do not know such a breed. Dogs of breeds belonging to the 2nd FCI group can be raised as a good friend and trained by an EXCELLENT defender. And this requires time labor and money. Good luck.

Answer # 14:

German Shepherd is a very good breed of dogs in the first excellent friend and secondly an excellent defender and host and home.

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