/ / The dog cut his paw. What to do???

The dog cut his paw. What to do???

Answer # 1:

Do nothing, wash the peroxide and everything, will fill. My dog ​​jumped into the lake with all the foolishness and cut off a completely black pillow on my finger. Croplito all day, I washed with peroxide and hemostatic gave (vikasol). Healed and grew a black pillow, and so the meat protruded.

Answer # 2:

Treat with peroxide and iodine

Answer # 3:

If you drive to the wind

Answer # 4:

To treat with antiseptic, if possible to bandage

Answer # 5:

Disinfected with peroxide. It is not necessary to tie up, the animal will still remove the bandage

Answer No. 6:

Fill the wound with hydrogen peroxide, and make sure that the dog does not lick the paw, if the cut is very deep carry to the vet

Answer No. 7:

If there is no way to go to the hospital, treat the wound with hydrogen peroxide or vodka. Bandage, if you take off a bandage looking into her eyes explain that you do not have to do this clever dog will understand

Answer No. 8:

As usual, rinse first with water, then pour over the peroxide, then around the wound (cut), anoint with iodine (do not pour iodine into the wound), bandage, do not put cotton

Answer No. 9:

I advise you to take it to the vet right away. I had a dog cut my paw so did my home treatment as a result the dog cut the tendons and they did not grow together, now one nail hangs (((the tendon did not grow together, but there was a usual cut (

Answer No. 10:

Treat with peroxide, chlorhexidine orDioxydinum, cover with lekomecol or Iruksovetinom and clothe the collar if the dog discovers. If the wound is not injured in everyday life (the dog does not lie down on it, it remains in the air), you can not bandage, but on the street it is worth wearing a sock on the paw if the cut is below the wrist or hock.

Answer No. 11:

Намаж an iodine, cho stupid absolutely ?!

Answer No. 12:

To the vet

Answer # 13:

The only normal advice Kayla provided that the cut is not deep and nothing needs to be sewn.

Answer # 14:

Release the dog on the street to walk the cut from the mud will quickly tighten

Answer No. 15:

Rinse, bandage and buy a special boot that would not get dirt, otherwise get bogged down ...

Answer # 16:

If the cut is not strong, then rinse the wound, pour over the peroxide or chlorhexidine. You can not tie, but on the street you have to put something on your paw. If strong, then treat and drive to the vet.

Answer # 17:

Do not use iodine and zelenku, do not apply cotton. Process with hydrogen peroxide, you can top left.

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