/ / Who used an electric collar on an uncontrolled dog, helped? Reviews of those who used and did not hear somewhere

Who used an electric collar on an uncontrolled dog, helped? Reviews of those who used and did not hear somewhere

Answer # 1:

A collar bought, does not help. In vain thrown out money-beats too weakly (at the maximum-the dog does not carry a dog-sheep-dog). More with a strong current of the collars, there is no question of what to buy before) (((((((

Answer # 2:

Dog education should be dealt with, and not crippledHer current, although 12 volts, but a pleasant little !! !! The dog is uncontrollable ONLY ON THE WINE OF THE HOST. Have brought the animal, please do it kindly, do not spare time, energy and money for the coach of the cynologist.
Here this tushenkin weighs 60 kg, more than meHe even listens to my gaze, he gives a bone to his hands and does not have any electricity, he just has to WORK with the dog !!

Answer # 3:

Only those who are lazyEngage in the education of his dog. Even the most ill-bred dog can be corrected with a leash, an ordinary stranglehold and your patience. Http://www.youtube.com/user/antuannadjaryan help you

Answer # 4:

It depends on what kind of dog. I have a Japanese spitz, he yells all the time, whenever someone comes - from this they could not wean him, throws himself on a pug, and could not wean from it either. He escaped earlier and walked as much as he wanted, did not listen to the command "to me", now he listens, but I can not say that this collar helped. . On the collar of the mine 2 modes, vibo and electro. Electricity hit him very rarely, because I hit myself in the arm, it was very painful, and I think for a small dog it's much worse. For a big one, I think it's less painful. There was a period when he acted obediently in the collar, when you shoot you started to act like a horrible thing, but now it seems to have passed. And even looking at what you want to disaccustom it, if as of me it is from barking, that is, a special "Antilai" reacts specifically to barking ... We did it that way because the dog was taken already almost in adulthood and with him who did not engage in teams, but in the mind, we just have to deal with the dog, and without violent methods.

Answer # 5:

ESH should be able to use. It's stupid to beat an electric current - it does not help.

Answer No. 6:

Buy in a pet store, called a muzzle training, the dog learns to walk next to, not pulling, and to the trainer to teach the team.

Answer No. 7:

To the cynologist, he will go to you and explain what for what and why. And why do we need an ESO, or we found a panacea .... At the same time and the behavior of the dog correct and yes, you will learn how to handle the dog.

Answer No. 8:

And you wear an electric collar. I wonder how you will feel when you will be electrocuted. They lost their minds, so to mock the animal

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