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dogs. What is the strongest dog in the world?

Answer # 1:

I do training and prepare dogs for battles,I will say as an expert that in a prince, any dog ​​can be taught the technique of combat, the main thing is that if the dogs were at least a little adapted for this, I would occupy with many breeds of dogs, bull terriers, Dobermans, Alabai, stafs, pits, sheep dogs, mastiffs, E.
I will say as an expert that no shepherd,Rotveler or pinscher, can not be compared with amstaph and pit bull, these breeds are specially bred for battle, they have strength, maneuverability, self-confidence, and no fear, these dogs with good training will tear any breed, I personally have amstaph, the dog 1year and 4 months, bitch, I started training with her since 3 months, during this time she had worked off the attack techniques and received the loads necessary for her, participated in 12 fights, she was the winner, she was fought with Caucasians, pinchers, bullmastiff, pit And Alabai, if you honestly look at the fight, you are assessing the situation The importance of his dog, and I concluded that neither one dog except pits and stafs is good for a full-fledged battle, in large breeds, there is strength but the psyche is not the same, they are not as nimble as stafs and pits, not a single sheep-dog or a rottweiler , No matter how trained he is, he can not do anything with trained pits and stafs, these breeds are bred, just for fights, and they are not equal!

Answer # 2:

The creature is still that ...

Answer # 3:

Which is strong, that's the dog.

Answer # 4:

Dog of Putin)

Answer # 5:

Pitbull Terrier, amstaffter terrier. At wakepulling competitions (dragging heavy weights) they have no equal)

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Answer No. 7:

Looking for something strong, for fighting or for wattpulling.

Answer No. 8:

Huh here they write fighters' breeds ... And after all the same alabai all the bones to the same pit will break while he is hanging from his neck trying to bite the under-shoe

Answer No. 9:

For Kurmakaeva Ilyas - before you call yourself"Specialist", you need at least to know that the am Staffe Terrier is not a fighting breed. Soldiers ONLY fed bullets. Initially there was a pit bull, then, puppies that were not fit (MARRIAGE) to fight were "separated" into an independent breed and set standards (FCI). So am staff is a companion dog, an exhibition, and no one is a fighter. For obvious reasons, fighting qualities are there, if not completely absent, then certainly not as pits are developed. In general, read the history of rocks.
For the author of the question - Once at a time it is not necessary in both wakepulling and in combat.
Threat Before my eyes, for example, the East European Shepherd broke a Game pit bull in chips.

Answer No. 10:

Kurmakaev Ilyas, different breed fighting for already 20 yearsAre not held, because it's pointless to put dogs of different weight categories. And AST as a heavy-boned dog is not interesting to pitmen. With the CAO and CA it is not accepted to call fights a testing. The best male best genes should pass to the offspring. Well, they understand the flocks of herons to guard and protect them from a dashing man and from a different beast. *** And on the question, be surprised, among any breed unique people can be. How many examples were there, in defiance of the stories about the fighters, the nobleman Tepa just killed a bullet in a fray in the yard. The strongest is the one that has a lot of experience in fighting and surviving, having good breathing and health. *** About veytpulling specifically. I'm not enthusiastic about this sport, in the first load overtaken on a cart on wheels. This time. Two are later dogs with bad joints, torn ligaments, which does not justify the minute glory.

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