/ / I beg you to help with childbirth)

I ask to help with childbirth)

Answer # 1:

You can take delivery, but for any unforeseen event, the veterinarian should be at least on the phone, there are complications such as you can not foresee.
The bubble does not break, but it's torn), the dogShe may not break it. Puppy is released from the water by the mouth, you can make it a small child's enema, and rub it with a dry soft terry towel, and put under the nipple to begin to suck, first the dog will have colostrum.
The cord is cut with scissors, in advanceBandaging a strong thread in a couple of centimeters from the belly of a puppy. I do not cut it, I rub it with my fingernails, it's easier - imitation of what a mommy does, and then the blood vessels do not.
Everything else depends on the dog, her condition, all individually.

Answer # 2:

Do not want to see a veterinarian for a consultation?

Answer # 3:

Twice my dogs gave birth. East European Shepherd and Stafford.
The most important thing is not to interfere with the dog.
Provide a darkened place in her corner. She herself will give birth and gnaw. There will be a possibility to spread her something right after she gave birth directly to the litter - do it.
Give her access to water.
That she could drink when she wants. Then he wants to walk. If it goes,
Then do not interfere. At this time, you can completely change the place
Where she gave birth and bed all clean. She will come to feed and lick.
Most importantly - do not bother her with your presence.
Still, this is purely intimate.

Answer # 4:

Small dogs often have problematic births. Vet the cook.

Answer # 5:

Most importantly, it will be agreed with the veterinarian toWas present at birth or was able to quickly drive up, they themselves have difficulty in taking delivery, they tend to give birth poorly, my doctor three times gave birth and all with a veterinarian, I myself would not have taken it exactly, and even the last time even a veterinarian could not save the puppy, so be sure Agree and your questions will be solved

Answer No. 6:

In principle, if the dog is healthy young and withoutPathologies that can and itself give birth, they have the same instinct. Prepare a soft towel to make it comfortable, lay and stay close. In theory, she must do everything herself - and the umbilical cord to gnaw and puppies to lick. How much she is tormented only she will know. If suddenly the fruit goes out a long time or the dog becomes weak or something else is not so much better to cause a doctor, of course. But ideally, if this is the first delivery, insure yourself and call the doctor, see what he does and how to remember for the future.

Answer No. 7:

In a nutshell, you will not answer your questions. Everything is like people's. To whom that is easy, but to someone then and no. Signs of the onset of delivery

Shortly before the onset of delivery, behaviorAnimals of different breeds varies considerably. The signs of childbirth can not go unnoticed. The first thing the owner sees is the aimless fermentation of his pet around the house. A dog can climb into his "nest", start digging there. Small pets hide in secluded, inaccessible places. Very often they fall asleep in the middle of the room, from time to time breathe heavily. Some walk behind their master on their heels, look plaintively in the eyes. Http://jvet.ru/

Answer No. 8:

With dogs of small breeds is not so simple. 35-40% themselves can not be born, therefore, one must first find and negotiate with a veterinarian, who in this case will quickly arrive and make a cesarean.

Answer No. 9:

AAAAAA I'm using the help

Answer No. 10:

For the first time CALL THE VETERINARY, with whichAgree in advance ... and only the second time, after you see how and what to do correctly, you will try yourself ... do not risk the life of the animal ... not so simple as you can read in the internet .. even with your own Emotions can not cope ... and this will depend on life !!

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