/ / Puppy 2 months and it hurts bite and when he grows up will he bite?

Puppy 2 months and it hurts bite and when he grows up will he bite?

Answer # 1:

Will be. But all the dogs are in paradise

Answer # 2:

If you do not disaccustom in childhood, it will be

Answer # 3:

His teeth are itching. Let it out ...

The main purpose for which dogs use their teeth- this is protection, ripping of meat and crushing of bones. Up to 4 months in puppies very weak muscles of the jaw and they use their milk teeth for games. During this period of time they learn to regulate the power of the bite and communicate with their relatives, tear and rip the prey. Also with the help of biting and power games, pups are trained to establish hierarchical relationships within the pack.

If the puppy bites his fellowStrongly, then in response, usually, hears a very loud unpleasant squeal and realizes that he bit too painfully. As a rule, the next time, he bites less or does not bite at all.

Detached from other dogs, the puppy gets into the house to people already with their life experience and habit of biting, during play and communication.

Usually when a puppy wants to play with the owner, he runs up and starts to gently bite him.

In response, a person either repels the puppy, that he isThe turn perceives as a continuation of the game and begins to bite more painfully, or the person encourages this behavior, starting to play with the puppy or persuading him not to bite. Puppy likes it, and he bites harder and harder, hurting his master. If the problem can not be solved, the game biting may develop into aggression towards the owner, then the puppy can begin to growl and bite with anger. This behavior is rare, but it's worth remembering.

Therefore, it is desirable to correct this problem as soon as possible.

To do this, you need to do the following:

1. Try to avoid any games in which the puppy is trying to bite you. If during a conversation, the puppy bites you, instead of scolding for it, spanking or grabbing at the nose, it is better to react to the bite, as another pup would react, namely, loudly and unpleasantly squeal. Then get up and move away, the puppy will understand that he hurt you, and so the game stopped. Soon you will notice that the puppy bites is not so much and much less often. If this exercise is used daily, then you can wean the dog to bite. We recommend this method for puppies that have not reached 4.5 months. Later, usually, the dog has permanent teeth, and the value of bites changes. If the puppy bites his master after 4.5 months, usually this indicates a problem of dominance (when the puppy thinks that he is the main one in the family), you can cope with this by lowering the hierarchical rank of the animal (that is, your puppy will start to consider you a leader in the pack) .

2. If the puppy growls or bites you, you need to take him by the withers, press the muzzle to the floor, look into your eyes and say no, then move away from the puppy and ignore it for 15-20 minutes.

Never shout and do not hit a dog, becauseSuch actions can only provoke her, and she will bite even harder and more painfully. Sometimes dogs feel great pleasure from it, because they think that the owner plays with them.

If the desire to bite does not suppress until the puppy is small, then in the future, when the dog grows up the situation is usually aggravated and develops into aggression towards the owner and his family members.
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Answer # 4:

I think we need to disaccustom quickly from this. And then learn how much more bite will be

Answer # 5:

In two months they all bite! This is a puppy))
You see that he starts to bite, switch his attention to toys-pogryshki
And will start again to his hands and feet to bite to bite, then you should not speak strictly and switch again to toys.

Answer No. 6:

It depends on what kind of breed, all puppies bite at me in 2 months because this is where their teeth are itching and they need something to chew on.

Answer No. 7:

My bite in childhood, but right now there is ... bites gently. But does not bite)

Answer No. 8:

will be. If you do not begin to engage in self-education and do not go with the puppy on the dressing table

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