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What kind of dog to bring in a family with children?

Answer # 1:

Miniature Pinscher, the dog is not big, very active and hardy, in care it is simple, short-haired, it is easy to train and very faithful, and looks cool

Answer # 2:

The acquaintance?

Answer # 3:

Http://chihuashki.ru/kakuyu-sobaku-zavesti-v-semyu-s-detmi - everything is there

Answer # 4:

Maltyyskaya lapdog

Answer # 5:

Dalmatians very much winemaking and dobrie love children and short hair

Answer No. 6:

All the above characteristics are verySuits Russian that longhaired. Haircuts and combing do not require, in the car to live ready. To fools love nature and run around the fields. Very tame and drawn to the man. In unforeseen situations, they can walk on the pallet like cats.

Answer No. 7:

My wife lives well in the apartment, but walksIn the usual pace (I think children need to be more active), wool does not interfere. Concerning the flight, the most convenient is small breeds. If you look y / w then the Russian that terrier or sneeze. Just consider the bones they say so not very strong. And the children will have to immediately explain how to handle them. Yes, and the cat live together

Answer No. 8:

The Royal Bolonka.
A friend has this dog. Sidble rarely, only a small beard and near the eyelets a little more often. A super dog, with children sleeping at the feet and very educated in itself!

Answer No. 9:

It depends on how old the children are, if about 2 years, then(For example Jack Russell Terrier is very kind) if children slightly older than 8 years can already have larger ones, but at your own peril =) (photo of our dog) =)

Answer No. 10:

It seems to me, the dachshund. Friendly enough and active personality :)

Answer No. 11:

Labrador. In general, I am the owner of amstaff. The ideal dog for the family. But the difficulties In relationships With other dogs on the street. With the character - how lucky. As well as minibulks.

Answer No. 12:

Airedale Terrier, Manchester Terriers

Answer # 13:


Answer # 14:

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Answer No. 15:

A small breed with small children is not recommended, you can get a collie, this breed gets along with all the animals and is suitable for inexperienced owners

Answer # 16:

Boxer from friends. Pretty. Obedient.

Answer # 17:

Welsh corgi start, and so choose
All breeds of dogs

Answer # 18:

Welsh corgi - active, not large, with usualWool. And the weight allows you not to hand over to luggage when you fly. Of course, I would advise the diver, but you are afraid of caring for the hair, although here - a very controversial issue. When you cut or trimming the wool in the house, you will not see at all, and you need to cut only 3-4 times a year, if you trim - but even less often. But there is no molting, no need to run around with a vacuum cleaner every day, it does not settle on the carpet and in the corners. As far as I know, with poodles the same way. Believe me, I was convinced on my own experience - it's better to cut my hair 3 times a year than to gather it around the house every day.

Answer No. 19:

A minibu with a high probability for your conditionsNot suitable. Read better not promotional texts about the breeds, but at least the divide in the breed forums. And yet, for your conditions, it is more likely to find a suitable dog from a working breeding.

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