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Retraining an adult dominant dog

Answer # 1:

So the dog is just not brought up, and here(And about food, beds and doors, too, it's all nonsense, it's not what it does not matter) .. what are you going to eat on the schedule of the dog chtoli?))) And walk the same way, just to be the first to get in the door?)) ) ..
Bring up a dog, dogs are brought up at any age ..
Here is a good training video (there are a lot of videos, prosoprite everything or what you need)

Answer # 2:

He will have nowhere to go and he will accept your rules until his mother appears.

Answer # 3:

There are first, first to enter the room is nonsense. But to explain to the dog that she will have to reckon with you. If you know what commands, you can work out the shutter speed in front of the bowl. Did not execute the command-bowl remove, and let the dog ponder over his behavior until the next feeding. You can generally feed only pieces and only for the correct behavior. So that the dog understands that you do not MUST give her food, but she must earn it.

Answer # 4:

And what's wrong with him? Pissing at home? Climbing the table? Bites at the feet and does not give you a passage?
Why all these jokes with running through the door, hand in a bowl and food first?
Just do not be fooled by his pampering, do your own thing, be more self-confident. The dog will understand everything and will behave the same way. The person is nervous, jerks, screams - and the dog is the same.

Answer # 5:

Well, if you eat from a dog bowl, then yes,Of course, it costs. Do not forget to tear off the pieces fatter and growl loudly. But seriously, leave the dog alone. This is my mother's dog, my mother's rules. She likes to live with petty stuff, let her live. This behavior to dominance has nothing to do with it. These tips were invented by the same people as you, not bothering to flip through normal books. Dominants in general are rare. And such a dog has order in the pack.

Answer No. 6:

Whatever barked muzzle wear, or when the dog starts barking pull the leash (abruptly) and say fu. Maybe help.

Answer No. 7:

If the dominance depended on the passage inDoors, sleep and food, I should already be dominated. You have just an ill-mannered capricious dog. You will observe discipline, engage in dog training, and it will probably become with you sane. But when you return home, everything will be right.

Answer No. 8:

First at the door, first eat, control food, etc. - works, but in a complex. You can not provide it, because after 3 distressing dog restrictions from you just come mom, and that fun jumps on the bed for her approval. And almost all the effect will be crumpled.
Therefore, it is better not to solve the problem of the dog (or do it by the methods of family psychotherapy), but to solve one's own problems. Think about what you feel comfortable and what is not.
For example, I agree that a dog shouldAllow any manipulation of food host. But in this case - why do you need this? What is the use? I think so - if he tries to bite - let him catch in the butt and everything, then let him live as he was brought up.
Once again - create comfort for yourself.

Answer No. 9:

I have toki, they are not prone to dog obedience, angry do not admit to divorce
And, when barking in kv, with the fame of fu, place throw at him with a light but large object, must stop, but
I would have accustomed in the beginning to the place, the place of a small pillowOn the floor, they are cold, bring to force to sit a hand with a delicious ka would over head and back sit down and only there give delicacies, after that time will run itself into place at the word place
At the party, open the narrow slot of the door, move it away with your foot and command to sit, otherwise it will slip, in their pack into a narrow slit, or the leader passes through the hole, and others, go first
Well, with the stigma not fed, yelling on the street not to give, as well as running ahead of yourself on the street not to give, this protection and the development of new territories
But, it can declare a protest-shit to start and on your bed in the first place, then you have to fix it in your place-the stove
The rest of you have been told ... to stay in the house who will always be the boss, they are not obedient and fearless Pts)

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