/ How to give a dog a medicine?

How to give a dog a medicine?

Answer # 1:

You can of course and forcibly - such as open the mouth andCram, but in this way you will only cause the dog to aggression. Moreover, the dog in the future will cease to belong to the owner with the former confidence, which is unacceptable. There is a good teaching video how to teach a dog to calmly take medication. Http://foxispet.ru/gigiena/lekarstvo_bez_stressa/?utm_medium=vir&utm_source=forum&utm_term=lekarstvo Good luck!

Answer # 2:

Takes a syringe, REMOVES YOUR HIGHNESS, dials a medicine, squeezes the dog and into the pharynx.
The main thing without needles !!!!

Answer # 3:

Stir in sour cream and give

Answer # 4:

You can just shove a pill into food, if the liquid is poured into the food!

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

You can through a syringe without a needle, but it is often veryIt is difficult, especially if the dog is naughty, it is possible to mix in pate, feed, well in general than feed, dilute in water, but this effect loses the effect of the medicine

Answer No. 7:

Through a syringe without a needle and into the mouth to inject

Answer No. 8:

Pour a syringe into the cheek

Answer No. 9:

My dog ​​has heart problems, so weEvery day we give her medicines. At first she snapped at me, snarled and medicated her medicine .... As we did: One man holds a dog so that she does not tear, another pours her medicine into her mouth (only a little, and then it will choke), if she Begins to spit out, then fashion should be clamped, so that her mouth does not open (only not for long), after which she swallows it

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