/ / Who better to have a small dog or cat in the house?

Who better to have a small dog or cat in the house?

Answer # 1:

It is better than a cat, and it is easier to accustom to a tray than peeing at all the dog)

Answer # 2:

Better a dog she and the house will protect and you will be entertained. And the dog is very easy to teach to the toilet.
From cats only stench, hair, govno, and most importantly, for cats - there is no Boss.

Answer # 3:

For whom - is it better? You yourself someone you love more? Or you do not care?

Answer # 4:

The dog is certainly a faithful friend to always

Answer # 5:

If there is any doubt about the dog in the form of a cat,Then the dog is contraindicated to you. In addition, small dogs often all their lives shit at home, and not on a diaper. Since an adult dog should not shun the house under any circumstances - this is an instinct, and they are taught to do this, because it's too lazy to walk, then they get disabled dogs on their heads who think that shitting houses is the norm ... and through generations this vice is fixed .

Answer No. 6:

At your discretion, if you are an active person then a dog, a domesticated cat.

Answer No. 7:

If a little dog, then walk!

Answer No. 8:

A dog

Answer No. 9:

What you like best, but every animal has pros and cons.

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