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What kind of dog to choose?

Answer # 1:

Basenji ... Not a barking dog ... For a city apartment is a very suitable option

Answer # 2:

Bull Terrier or Husky.

Answer # 3:

As an option: West Highland White Terrier, Core Terrier, Sheltie

Cute little company dogs

Answer # 4:

Would you like a Caucasian sheep dog?

Answer # 5:

In the apartment the dog just sleeps. You have to walk with anyone. Therefore, choose by nature, employment, activity. The rocks are huge, choose from photos, and even for someone ...
Go to the exhibition. Look live

Answer No. 6:

Do you need anything from the dog? And then the dogs are very, very different. This cat is always a cat, regardless of the breed, well, it may be a bit more playful or quieter, and the breeds of dogs differ from each other, well, very strikingly.

Answer No. 7:

I can offer a French bulldog.
Not very active, for no reason does not break, a small dog.
Just read about the health problems that occur inside the breed.

Answer No. 8:

Welsh Corgi start, and so choose
All breeds of dogs

Answer No. 9:

You first determine which dog you need: active or cushion cushion, large or small, and then select the breed

Answer No. 10:

At the exhibition, go necessarily! Firstly, there it is very interesting, and secondly, you can communicate with the owners of those breeds that you like and find out more in detail about each of the breeds. At home, read the information about them thoroughly, learn the advantages and disadvantages that each breed has.

Answer No. 11:

I would recommend a miniature schnauzer, a dogSmall, but at the same time - it's a service dog, education should be appropriate, otherwise it will sit on its head and do what it wants. From pluses - very clever and easily trained, playful, easily get along with cats and other animals (excluding rodents), adore the master, distrustful to strangers, are always ready to protect and protect, strong health and strong immunity, are not fastidious in food, they are not Wool - not at all, enough haircuts or trimming 2-4 times a year. If you are ready to fully educate the dog-service book, then this is for you. His Mittel, 10 cm higher at the withers, also the first dog. My - the third photo.

Answer No. 12:

Yes, do not fuck seriously dog ​​you do not want. When a person really wants to have a DOG, he has preferences in the breeds.

Answer # 13:

Look at the "Planet of Dogs" http: // russia.Tv / brand / show / brand_id / 22145 and "Introduction to dog studies" http://1001dogs.ru/load/1-1-0-20 There it is very well told about different breeds and requirements to the content.

Answer # 14:

Any, what you want, that and start.

Answer No. 15:

Shiba Inu, Yagd Terrier, Dachshund, Damn, well, you understand for a beginner dog is difficult to offer, especially if you do not like small dogs ... A photo is very easy to find in Yandex or Google pictures

Answer # 16:

The picture does not choose a dog. Maybe you are an athlete, and I'll advise you to an English bulldog, or vice versa, you are a hobbyist, and I'll advise you to Jack. Next, maybe you do not like to take care of the hair for a long time, and I'll advise you a york or poodle. You choose a dog for yourself, you live with it. I chose the rate, for me it is an ideal option.

Answer # 17:

Long-haired dachshund - the best choice for a kitten with experience. Dog Cat. And weighing 10-12 kg, and teeth, like dobermann (not dwarf dachshunds).
Long-haired taxes are very different in character. Details about the rates can be seen here:

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