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Tell the breed of dogs that get along well with cats

Answer # 1:

Chinese Crested

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Golden retriever

Bichon Frize

Labrador retriever
German boxer

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Answer # 3:

A divorced wife

Answer # 4:

It does not depend on the breed. And so - the toy terrier or chihuahua. Maybe we would be happy to shovel the cat, but coughy)

Answer # 5:

Dalmatian. They sleep with me

Answer No. 6:

It does not depend on the breed.

Answer No. 7:

None. It depends on the nature of the cat, and on the nature of the dog.

Answer No. 8:

They are friends when growing up together from a child, but still need to monitor them

Answer No. 9:

No, if you take a kitten and a puppy at the same time, everything will be fine, and so take the puppy, the cats will offend, the dog will grow and deal with the offenders .... Everything depends on education

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Answer No. 11:

Everything depends not on the breed, but on the owner of the animals

Answer No. 12:

German Shepherds are very clever and "wise" dogs,So theoretically they will live peacefully with cats. Another question is, what kind of big dog will live in a rather limited room of an apartment with a cat, and not on the outside - in the yard. In the house, it seems to me, it is possible to contain only a small dog, just the size of a kitty, so that the animal itself is comfortable, well, to the host, of course. And I know from experience that much depends on the temperament of the dog, and not on the breed, so first choose the breed, and then look for the puppy to be smarter, kinder and calmer. The main thing is that the cat was also affectionate .. Otherwise, they do not make friends. There is an opinion that if you start a small kitten and a puppy at the same time, then they quickly become friends and even become adults will not conflict.

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Answer # 14:

My grandfather had a hunting dog - Irishsetter. And then his little daughter-daughter (my mother) was given a small kitten. Soon the kitten was already amused by the fact that he got up on his hind legs, rested one front paw to the dog in the chest, and another beat it on the nose (not removing claws ...). The dog suffered with an unhappy look: "Well, what will you do with such a baby, especially when he is a master!" ...
Of the breeds, the communication of which with cats is extremelyUndesirable, I can call fox terriers and dachshunds. But there are other similar - for which the cat is a breed-specific prey, and to overcome this instinct by education is very problematic.

Answer No. 15:

I think the yorkshire terrier does not get along with the cat. The rest all get along.

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Answer # 17:

My cats get along fine with chihuahua.

Answer # 18:

Any breed the main thing how you will bring up

Answer No. 19:

Maltese lap-dog, Bichon Frize

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