/ / Cat and dog are really unapproachable enemies? And maybe there are exceptions?

A cat and a dog are really unapproachable enemies? And maybe there are exceptions?

Answer # 1:

We had a cat that grew up with neighbor dogs, so they never parted - three friends! It was funny to see how they were basking in the sun, in the middle of the cat, and at the edges of the dog .... :-))
And another cat, Yashka, neighbor's dog Pulka was afraid! :-)) had the carelessness of shit on him, so he scratched her nose - she ran away, tucked her tail and walked around with his side ... :-))

Answer # 2:

Of course there is

Answer # 3:

From any rule there is an exception. And this rule is no exception

Answer # 4:

Yes any exception, especially if they have been living together since childhood, then love to the grave

Answer # 5:

There are exceptions.

Answer No. 6:

If they grow up together from puppy-kitten age, then they become best friends

Answer No. 7:

My cat and dog have lived in love for 9 years. This spring the dog did not become, so the cat still grieves. He still perceives new pets with hostility.

Answer No. 8:

Of any rule there are exceptions!

Answer No. 9:

of course have!!!

Answer No. 10:

There are videos like a cat pestering a resting sheepdog. But she reluctantly fights back.

Answer No. 11:

Eliminate 50% of enemies 50% of friends (all over the world)

Answer No. 12:

There is, there is! !!

Answer # 13:

not true . We have 12 dogs and 8 cats

Answer # 14:

Of course have! My example ...

What will become more interesting? Cat and rat can be friends?
I was shocked when I gave the rat a niece, and now their cat and rat are best friends. . Sleep together, eat together, play. . just beautiful..

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Answer # 16:

If you calculate the interest, you will get a little. My takser destroyed almost all street cats in the neighborhood near our house, near my brother's house in another city, in frequently visited places. And the only cat he did not touch, but was friendly, was our home, Vasya. It seems he did not consider him a cat.

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Answer No. 19:

At home, everything is his own, and in the street the cat is the first enemy!

Answer # 20:

Usually the dog "friends" with the owner's cat.

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