/ / Puppy The puppy has worms (puppy 1 month and a week) what tablets can he give

Puppy The puppy has worms (a puppy 1 month and a week) which tablets you can give him

Answer # 1:

Go to the vet with him, but here you will not be asked anything other than the Ue- shan councils

Answer # 2:

You need to ask Veta. The consultation is free of charge

Answer # 3:

Tablets and suspension of any firm with a note for puppies and watch the weight. At the expense of the * banking councils. You do not need to be a veterinarian to know this infu.

Answer # 4:

In order to determine the correct anthelmintic, first you need to classify feces for analysis ...

Answer # 5:

Go to the vet, give the tests and get the right treatment.

Answer No. 6:

Apparently, you do not observe the schedule of the dog's glisten. The first puppy is given at 21 days approximately. What exactly to give-prompt in any vetapteke.

Answer No. 7:

In the vet. Pharmacy will help to choose a drug

Answer No. 8:

So it is necessary to give to all puppies, instead of to one of a litter
Or you vtyuhali such a small puppy? Fleas then at least?
Milbemaks is a good preparation.

Answer No. 9:

Milbemax for puppies

Answer No. 10:

Drontal 0.5 tab, after 1 week still half a tablet.

Answer No. 11:

The veterinarian will help.

Answer No. 12:

I gave my helmimax a quarter of a day yesterday. Vet said that this is a new remedy, worms are not used to it yet.

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