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What kind of dog to buy in a two-room apartment? Advise. And describe this little dog ...

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Standard fee
Practically does not shed, the space takes up a little ...
The exhibition fees are very calm.

Answer # 3:

A dog is not picked up for an apartment. In dvuhskah and St. Bernard keep.

Answer # 4:

But other criteria? Type of wool, size, activity? I know examples when both the Caucasian and the Riesen Schnauzer lived in one village. I live in a kitten and a mittelschnauzer, but, frankly, when my mother and son come at the same time, the place is not enough))) a normally-run dog takes places in the apartment exactly as much as its bunk.

Answer # 5:

Someone in a two-room apartment will be excellent withThree Caucasian shepherds. Someone will closely see the Yorkshire terrier. It all depends on your character, lifestyle and the idea of ​​an ideal dog.

Answer No. 6:

The dog does not get into the apartment ... but to the people who live in this apartment. There, and the chihuahua can live, and the dog, and the fox terrier. Who do you personally like? Who will you be able to maintain with dignity?

Answer No. 7:

I bought my first German woman from a dog living in a 2-room apartment

Answer No. 8:

In kopeck piece can live any of half a millionExisting rocks. And it is necessary to choose, taking into account how many people still live there, maybe there are other animals, children, how active you are, what type of wool is desirable, how much time and finances you can allocate to a dog, and what do you want from it ...

Answer No. 9:

Dwarf poodle:

Answer No. 10:

Pomeranian Spitz. The most ideal option. It is small, it will not bring any trouble. Only podsttgat wool is necessary, because they are fluffy.

Answer No. 11:

Spitz Pomeranian)) The miracle of nature. Cheerful, nepakostny, zdorovenky, very positive baby. With proper education is natural. But training and education lends itself amazingly))

Answer No. 12:

Take the cat better)) .. Well, it's cooler, nicer and more fun :-)

Answer # 13:

So you do not choose an apartment for a dog, but for your likes and dislikes. Any breed with proper care and lifestyle is suitable for ANY apartment.

Answer # 14:

YORK (Yorkshire Terrier) does not shed and hypoallergenic.

Answer No. 15:

The one that reaches out to you, and you to it, which youWant, and not for elections to determine! You can keep from the smallest, to the most huge dog, the lizards had a love for her ... The dog does not need expensive cars, luxurious houses, fashionable clothes, there would be a bone to gnaw and good! A dog does not care whether you are rich or poor, smart or stupid, give her love, and she will answer the same! Love dogs, they bring happiness!

Answer # 16:

Purpose of acquisition? What size? Activity? Type of wool?

Answer # 17:

I suggest shih-tzu)
Life Expectancy: 10-16 years
Character: Alive, Responsive, Playful, Watchful, Gentle, more
Color: Black, Dark Brown, Gold, White, more
Weight: Female: 4 - 7.2 kg (adult), male: 4 - 7.2 kg (adult specimen)
Height: Female: 20 - 28 cm (adult, In the withers), male: 20 - 28 cm (adult, Withers)

Answer # 18:

And then it is desirable to buy and give, but thenIt is advisable to walk around, feed and take care of health. And all of this must be done by the aprons on this site. I am amazed at this obviously not desirability to choose a breed for myself, to look at it live can and at the exhibition. Find all the possible information and choose a nursery.

Answer No. 19:


Country of origin: China

Height: 29 - 30 cm

Content in the apartment: well suited

Weight: 4 - 5 kg

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Well suited: for inexperienced owners

Chinese crested dogs, depending on the type of wool, are of two types: naked and downy.

The most famous are the bare Chinese CrestedDogs, they have hair on the head, ears, tail and paws, the rest of the body appears bare, but they are also covered with a very thin, fluffy wool.

Less known is the downy ChineseCrested dog. "Puffs" as often called long-haired dogs, have a dense, thick undercoat and smooth, silky covering hair, evenly distributed throughout the dog's body.

An interesting fact, both species can be present in the same litter, so it is not possible to predict which puppies will be born beforehand.


Chinese Crested Dog is a gentle companion,Incredibly devoted to his family. This breed, as a rule, gets along very well with dogs and other pets and is friendly towards strangers.

Owners of this breed say that these dogs love to cuddle and crave human communication.

Dogs of this breed do not fit very busy people who do not have enough time for their pets. They need constant contact with a person and very poorly tolerate loneliness.

In addition, the Chinese Crested DogEstablishes a very close relationship with one or two people in the family and often this link is vital for this dog. Even when her loved ones leave the house, she continues to wait and look for them.

In this regard, the dog of this breed is very difficult to adapt and change the host in adulthood, which should be known to people who want to get this breed.

Chinese crested dog without socialization andAcquaintance with new places, animals and people can become timid and timid. In spite of the fact that Chinese crested birds usually do not cause problems with excessive barking, however, this can be a problem if the Chinese Crested is nervous or bored.

Excessive chewing can also become a problem withThis breed, if the dog is constantly left alone for a long time. However, a lot of attention and the presence of toys for chewing will help to eliminate this problem.

Chinese Crested Dog is an ideal dog forThose who want to train their dog to perform various tricks and commands. This dog can be taught to walk on its hind legs, jump over obstacles, climb stairs and much more. They really want to please their owners, so they will try to do everything they can and please their master.

Now, this is only an inventory of one breed, and youVery good fit; Poodle, Maltese, Russian Bolognese, Bolognese, Welsh Corgi-Pembroke, West Highland White Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, Papillon, Boston Terrier, French. Bulldog, Pug, Shih Tzu, Shetty ...

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THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM!!!! You can immediately ALL

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