/ Which dog to buy?

What dog to buy?

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Of course the choice of a dog depends on how much you have free time, place in the house, etc. I will tell you about several dogs, but you already know who you really need!
1. Dachshund - strong, with a massive skeleton dog, firmly standing on the ground, with a long elongated muzzle, the ears are long, soft, rounded at the ends. The back is muscular, sturdy, the chest is bulky, deep, with a characteristic "keel" in front. The tail, thick and strong at the base, is set low, usually holds just below the line of the back, when excited, it protrudes upward like an antenna. The limbs are short, thick, with relief musculature (especially the front ones). Forepaws wider and more posterior. Moves freely, sweepingly. Character - by nature friendly, active, energetic, with a balanced temperament and self-respect. Excitable, viscous and tireless hunting dog with an excellent flair.
2. German Shepherd is a service dog with a balanced, mobile type of behavior, exceptionally capable of a variety of training. The German Shepherd is most successful if it has one master. It is able to carry out commands unconditionally. The German Shepherd is in the top three in the ranking of the most intelligent breeds compiled by Dr. Stanley Koren (English), professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Economic significance - the German shepherd is universal. She can equally well serve as a companion dog, guard, protective, detective, service and guard dog. Successfully used in cattle breeding as a shepherd's dog. More often than not other breeds are used in service in the army, in the police, for the protection of state borders. A well-trained German shepherd is indispensable when detaining a criminal. Used to accompany the blind. They get on well with children.
3. Bichon frize - rather small dogs, their growth does not exceed 30 cm, and preference is given to smaller dogs [2].
The wool of this dog breed is rather long, up to 10 cm, winding, soft and silky.
Color is strictly set by the standard, it can beOnly white, in puppies are allowed beige (rusty) spots, which disappear with age, while the skin of such dogs is pigmented (spotted). The nose of the nose should be black, and necessarily a dark stroke around the black eyes.
In the French standard of this breed, the dog does notHas haircuts, hygienic haircut is allowed - the wool is trimmed on the paws and face - in this haircut, the length of the coat, its structure and volume are fully visible. In other countries, as well as in Russia, the fashion for cutting dogs has come from the USA - the hair is cut very much on the body, leaving a mane on the neck, and the head is given the shape of a ball or bell. Character - Bichon Frize by nature cheerful, playful, very active, bold, but not aggressive. The nature of these dogs is quite complex, but they easily find a common language with their masters, and succumb to any training. They are great for living in the city, and accustomed to the tray, but still need regular walks, since fresh air and active movements are needed for well-being.
4. Chihuahua - looking at the Chihuahua it can be described as a fast-moving dog, with good reaction, a lively character, absolutely fearless. The body is very compact, and the apple-shaped skull is the main feature of the breed. Chihuahua has a very high manner to keep a moderate length of tail, which either curved or forms a semicircle with a tip pointing towards the waist region. The tail is flat, of medium length; Wide at the base, gradually tapering to the tip. The position between the hind legs, as well as the tail wrapped below the back line, is unacceptable. The coat of the tail depends on the variety and is in harmony with the hull of the hull. In long-haired Chihuahua, wool on the tail forms a suspension. At rest the tail is lowered and slightly bent. For a chihuahua dog, preferably a square shape. A bitch can have a more stretched body, which is due to reproductive function.

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Jack Russell Terrier! The best breed!

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A lot of information about the CAO breed:
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