/ / I WANT a dog well, I do not know which one and where to buy I do not want to, and I do not want it to make a mess at home in general, tell me

I WANT a dog, well, I do not know what and where to buy I do not want to and I do not want it to bugger at home in general, tell me

Answer # 1:

And what are you willing to do for a dog? And why do you need it?

Answer # 2:

Draw on a piece of paper, so there will be a dog that you do not need to buy and which does not shit.

Answer # 3:

With such requirements, to want in principle is not harmful. I just want one.

Answer # 4:

Then you better get the fish, they do not shit. Although they also need care

Answer # 5:

It is better to take in the CFH because there you can pick up a dog for yourself. It is necessary to take so that she was accustomed to a pot

Answer No. 6:

The Dwarves are the best dogs

Answer No. 7:

Let them give you porcelain, do not crap, there is no request, it is enough to wipe it with a cloth.

Answer No. 8:

DO YOU WANT A Dog? Mmm ...

Answer No. 9:

Uuuu, with such nehochu - only plush your option

Answer No. 10:

The dog will make puddles and heaps, tear shoes andFurniture, grows up, starts biting with terrible force - puppies grow up so much, play with a pliers)) And dogs suffer, vaccinations should be put, treated, money should not be spent on doctors and on medicine. Do you need this? A dog is not a toy. She needs to be loved, she becomes a member of the family.

Answer No. 11:

Find photos on the Internet and admire them

Answer No. 12:

With this approach, only a plush on the sofa, you do not have to ask for anything. Nor shit will not, not to mention walking and hiking to the vet, just dust off and enjoy

Answer # 13:

Yes no dog you do not need, go out into the classics play around in the fresh air and a mustache

Answer # 14:

Take an adult small breed, play a couple of months, and then throw it on your parents. 90% of children do this, who prevents you?

Answer No. 15:

In the toy store you a direct road. A dog of up to three months will only write and roll at home. And then there will be a lot of mistakes before the year. But if diarrhea happens? And if she does not stand up to the street? This also happens in adult dogs.

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