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The most evil dog in the world

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The one that they refused, frightened, dragged .. in short, completely sucked the psyche.

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Kadyrov. That dog is also a brown dog. He barks but does not bite.

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In general, dogs are not evil. Is that if the master will teach her to be angry. Some dogs, regardless of the plethora, are trained to rush to people, and then the puppies can also become such inheriting the character of their parents. The dog will not be evil if the owner and people have always treated it humanly.

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Fighting (different breeds are)

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Friend's wife

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Canary Dog

Canary Dog
Country of origin: Spain
Growth at the withers: 56-68 cm
Body weight: 45-60 kg

This breed of shepherds and guard dogs. Has a strong physique. Despite its menacing appearance, in which enormous strength and power is read, is not particularly aggressive. Canary danes - very balanced, strongly attached to their master, and to strangers are treated with suspicion, which is demonstrated by becoming a determined pose. Although the Canaries do not belong to the most evil breeds of dogs in the world, nevertheless, with an immediate threat to their owner, they will rush to his defense in no time.


German Shepherd

German Shepherd
Country of origin: Germany
Growth at the withers: 55-65 cm
Body weight: 22-40 kg

The German Shepherd is well known all over the world, inIncluding thanks to the famous American film K-9: dog work. These animals can be described as excellent companions and guards. German Shepherds are a physically strong and fearless breed of dogs. They need an active lifestyle and are always happy to go for walks and games. Despite the fact that sheep dogs are fairly balanced and intelligent, it is worth remembering that this and one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs in the world and in a rage is capable of causing serious harm to a person. Unlike others, German shepherds are able to find a common language and obey several hosts, which makes them irreplaceable as service dogs.


Chow Chow

Chow Chow
Country of origin: China
Growth at the withers: 46-56 cm
Body weight: 20-32 kg

Dogs of this breed, in appearance, lookVery cute and sweet, such "fluffy lumps", in principle, so it is, but there are also their nuances ... Chow-chow has a rather melancholic character, they seem measured and slightly detached, but do not forget that this is one of the most Dangerous breeds of dogs in the world. They are wary of strangers and do not particularly like it when they are aggressively trying to caress not family members. Therefore, with the chow-chow you need to be careful and extremely cautious. Their apparently seeming calmness can stop instantly and the dog will become angry and aggressive.



Country of origin: China
Growth at the withers: 63-72 cm
Body weight: 32-45 kg

Often, it is used, as service, since. By their nature dobermans have well-developed protective qualities. Externally, dogs have an elegant physique, you can even say high-ampere, but at the same time, powerful, strong and hardy. Dobermanns have a friendly disposition and they treat children well. However, dogs of this breed have explosive temperament, therefore in case of manifestation of aggression and anger, represent a potential danger.


Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog
Country of origin: Russia
Growth at the withers: 64-75 cm
Body weight: 40-80 kg

"Caucasians" - one of the most popular dogs inRussia. These are mighty dogs of large size, fearless and decisive. Depending on the length of the wool there are three types: short, medium and long. Sufficiently easy to train. In our country they were loved for their excellent watchful qualities, endurance and ingenuity. Like most watchdogs, they are extremely wary of outsiders. If you take into account the large size, strength and distrust, the Caucasian shepherd in the attack represents a big threat to health.


Siberian husky

Siberian husky
Country of origin: Russia
Growth at the withers: 50-60 cm
Body weight: 15-28 kg

Husky, originally designated "eski" reduction fromName, living in the Far East of the people - Eskimos. It is a driving breed of dogs, possessing a peace-loving and lively disposition. With proper upbringing, the Huskies are practically in any circumstances unable to harm a person, by the way, only 4 breeds of dogs in the world can boast of such good nature. Huskies will be different

Answer No. 10:

Chow Chow, Canary Dog, German Shepherd Dog, Doberman, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Siberian Husky, German Boxer, Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Pitbull

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I'm at the end of a working day on Friday

Answer No. 12:

There are no evil dogs. There are stupid hosts.

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.... a long time on the birch tree is hanging.

Answer # 14:

Recently I saw a bull terrier. Kind of formidable, and he hides himself from all the dogs.
And I have a fox, a pretty charm.) First "lies", then with a leash breaks and bark, a passing dog)

Answer No. 15:

This is the most aggressive breed in the world
1.bull terrier
2. American Pit Bull Terrier (pit bull)
3. American Staffordshire Terrier (amstaff)

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