/ / Question for the sake of interest ... what kind of intellect in dogs?

A question for the sake of interest ... what kind of intellect in dogs?

Answer # 1:

Actually, on the intellectual throne are seatedBorder collie, and Afghan hounds are content with a place at the foot of the mental staircase. But before you call a dog a genius or an idiot you need to know a lot! For example, about the dog's ability to anticipate the return of the owner from work. Many dog ​​owners are amazed that their pets start whining, spinning at the front door for about 30 minutes before they arrive - is that a sign of intelligence or the usual stereotyped behavior?
No stupid dogs, there are lazy owners !!!! (Or too busy :))

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Higher than you think.
Intellect can not be measured.

Answer # 4:

Equal to the development of a 6 year old child. Well, not just hand-pulled of course

Answer # 5:

It is multicomponent. Verbal part - up to 3 years approximately, social - up to 15 years. So it's very different. Well, the dogs, of course, are also very different.
As an example of a rough estimate - if I remember correctly, one border collie knew 300 words. The child in 3 years knows from 250 to 700.

Answer No. 6:

What a 4-5 year old child

Answer No. 7:

Well, of course! But according to the latest research, their intelligence is approximately equal to the level of knowledge of a 5-year-old child.

Answer No. 8:

Looking what kind of breed and then one dog of this breed can be stupid and another clever

Answer No. 9:

In the process of close communication with people for many centuries,The dog became a very smart creature. But that the mind would manifest itself and the intellect must know exactly what its ancestors lived permanently in close contact with people, and did not descend from the outward vagabond. Because everything that a dog acquired in the process of living life with a person, is fixed in the genome! But in general it is intellektualna above average ....

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