/ / The best dog which dog is better? N. Ovcharka or the Pug

The best dog which dog is better? N. Ovcharka or the Pug

Answer # 1:

Pug is safer.

Answer # 2:

In the apartment there is no

Answer # 3:

I like BUT more. But no one is better

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

Watching what the dog is for if it's just like a friend that's a shepherd, and if for a beauty it's a pug .-.

Answer No. 6:

Of course the German Shepherd

Answer No. 7:

This is generally not comparable! Basically different dogs. And the person who asks the polubny question categorically CAN NOT start a soba, and NOT the one, NOT the other

Answer No. 8:

Shepherd German

Answer No. 9:

Yes, you just, it's delicious to cook them do not know how))) Eugenics +++

Answer No. 10:

Both are worse. The German Shepherd does not fit on the handles, and the pug sleeve can not hook into the ZKS.

Answer No. 11:

Pug. It's an inoffensive dog. Care is not required. She does not need muzzles. At home, she will always walk after her. Pleasant hair and lovely eyes. He likes to sit on his hands. Obviously will not get bored. And pozhmyakat it is possible (you calms and it is pleasant to him). Likes to show character (te can be offended)

Answer No. 12:

For me, a German shepherd, for you, I do not know

Answer # 13:

Shepherd, we lived 11 years - a clever dog.

Answer # 14:

For whom is it better?

Answer No. 15:

It is difficult to imagine any more different breeds. Or a lazy little crocheted creature, or an active medium-large-sized service dog with a wide range of tasks.
As a first dog, a pug is certainly better. Especially if you lie in your arms on the couch and walk for 20 minutes a day.
And if you do training on the court and sports - then definitely a sheepdog.

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