/ / Should the owner's dog bite and growl while eating?

Should the owner's dog bite and growl at the time of eating?

Answer # 1:

Should not in any case. At me here somehow the case was - has imposed to dogs of meal in bowls, has put, I call them to eat and there and then casually I break a glass, accordingly splinters everywhere, including in bowls at dogs. The youngest jumped here already, and right there in front of her nose took the bowl. No problem.
There was another case when she gave the older dogI did not even have to eat (the younger one was not even there), immediately I had to drink a pill, and then somehow it turned out that the tablet fell from my hands and straight into the bowl with the humming dog, I put my hand into her bowl and pulled it out Tablet. No problem.
And when the eldest had a stormy youth and seriouslyShammed hormones, it was an unpleasant event: the dog lay down on the chair (its rightful place) and began to sharpen the bone - a large beef mosalig. And so it happened that the dog lay on my pants, did not have time to clean. I reached for my pants, and the dog took it as an attempt on her trophy and rushed to tear my hand. So the dog STILL, silently, was warmed by a rolling pin on the head. More such precedents were not, the dog understood everything perfectly.
Well, I had to sew my hand. I have poodles.

Answer # 2:

Well, if you take it off a bone or just even climb, when it eats - then yes

Answer # 3:

Should, if you do not count for the leader. Dogs have one master! They bring my bones to me, and wait for their permission to pick them up.

Answer # 4:

It depends on the owner. If he likes this behavior, let him growl and bite.
But more often people suppress all these tricks.

Answer # 5:

I suspect that the dog is not raised at all, and this is 100% of the master's wine, and that it would be right to raise a dog, read the literature on cynology.

Answer No. 6:

It seems to me, this is normal. And it would not have occurred to him to give the dog a chance to eat - then immediately climb into a bowl, indulge, select, display on emotions. Dali - let him eat. Why at this time to provoke? Nobody will like it when they start pulling at an important moment.

Answer No. 7:

Dog dog growl at the owner can only inPlaying time. In all other cases, this behavior is not permissible. If growls with food. Then bite, it's worth to reach out to the bowl. This behavior must be strictly suppressed.

Answer No. 8:

No it should not, then something is wrong in your relationship, I even have puppies. Who have not yet been taught anything, do not growl and bite

Answer No. 9:

No, it should not. This behavior needs to be corrected and as soon as possible to begin correction of unnecessary behavior. To begin with, you need to teach the dog to eat food only after your permission, that is, the dog should start eating only after the command "Can" or "Eat".

Answer No. 10:

Must? Would kill right away! Not a dog, a master. This you must give the sugar bone, and then calmly pull it out of the mouth, without fear for your hands. Whatever the dog does not develop nervousness, then the bone needs to be given back. Only this way, otherwise it will grow an uncontrollable being.

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