/ / Does your dog beg for food?

Does your dog beg for food?

Answer # 1:

A dog, this animal is faithful and attached. If the owner sleeps, the dog also sleeps, if the owner is sad, then the dog is also sad, and if the owner is eating something, then the dog also wants to eat with it. Remember: a dog always begs for food only when you cook or eat, unlike, for example: from cats. But you can not give, in any case! It's bad for digestion! But what if the dog looks at you with sad, hungry eyes that you can not resist? In this case, all the same can be conceded, but you need to take a bowl with food and in front of the dog, chopping pour "yummy" in a bowl, BUT CAN NOT GIVE TOO MUSCLE TONGUE, LIVER, FOR EXAMPLE. OTHERWISE THE SMALL CRYSTALS THE JOY ANIMAL MAY BE SUBMITTED, SO THAT YOU SHOULD TRY AS YOU MILL! Properly selected feed will reduce the harm a little. But you can enjoy the dog no more than two, or three times a week. BUT THE BREAKTHROUGH THE HEAD TO USE THIS RECIPE IS NOT RECOMMENDED! TRY TO PASS THE DOG SO ONLY THREE DAYS. IF WITH THE DOG EVERYTHING WILL BE IN ORDER, THEN CONTINUE, BUT URGENTLY, BY POSSIBILITY, BETTER THE DOG IS NOTHING TO GIVE ANYTHING! THANK YOU FOR THE QUESTION!

Answer # 2:

as the last time

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

Swearing bastard)

Answer No. 6:

Sometimes. But we do not. And it is bad and a bad habit with him.

Answer No. 7:

Yes . I give if it is not harmful, but if it is impossible - then we sow a little bit, pancake for example))

Answer No. 8:

Sits nearby and looks carefully. And as I shout I turn my face away)))) Then quietly again peeps .... Until I move to the place))

Answer No. 9:

I do not, and from someone who secretly feeds, how else))

Answer No. 10:

Begging))) sits, looks, and saliva flows from the beard))) no, he does not ask, he can sometimes put his head on his leg, but the kind of dripping saliva ... I give, of course, a piece of meat, cucumber ...

Answer No. 11:

It happens.

Answer No. 12:

Our phlegm does not beg for food, I'm sure they'll give it up!

Answer # 13:

And how! And try not to let me! At the very whole bowl, it still costs drool.

Answer # 14:

Yes, so he immediately goes to another room.

Answer No. 15:

And how

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