/ Is it obligatory to knit a dog? Polrouga said necessarily 3 estrus, is that so? I do not want!

Is it necessary to knit a dog? Polrouga said necessarily 3 estrus, is that so? I do not want!

Answer # 1:

Biting a bitch for health is nonsense. No dog has yet brought additional mental and physical health. Moreover, the pregnancy of a bitch, childbirth and the feeding of puppies is an exhausting process, a huge load on the dog's organism, in which all previous diseases are aggravated by the dog and new ones may appear which you did not even know existed. At the same time their behavior after that practically does not change at all, but with health things are quite different.
Even if the birth was successful, you shouldTo know that a dog that has given birth once has an irreversible hormonal reconstruction. Those hormones that are activated at the same time and subsequently do not find a use - bring only problems, often not fixable. The dog's body is already set up for subsequent mating and continuation of its kind. If you have already tied your dog, for its well-being you will have to continue to do it systematically.

If this mating was the first and last in lifeBitches, then your dog falls into a risk group, for example, breast tumors - the most common disease in bitches that were tied only once and more in breeding were not used. If, after the first and last mating, you decide to protect your dog from the occurrence of diseases with the help of sterilization, then remember: a woman who gives birth usually has a much harder time both surgical intervention and a postoperative period than a nulliparous.
Do I have to knit a dog ... for health?
A dog needs to be given birth at least once. Misconceptions.
According to veterinarians and experienced breeders,The presence of puppies does not even statistically guarantee the safety of your dog's health. Practice shows that breeders suffer from the same diseases and with the same frequency as dogs who did not have puppies.

Moreover, some experts believe thatMore often the disease occurs precisely in dogs that have puppies once. The fact is that at the first stage the hormonal balance of the bitch undergoes a profound restructuring. If the dog then does not fit, then "activated" hormones can lead to health problems.

Answer # 2:

No, do not, if you do not want to.

Answer # 3:

Then why did the dog start? You must take care of her.

Answer # 4:

My bitch lived 15 years. And she never knitted.

Answer # 5:

And the puppies to rear and build - the girlfriend will be? Think with your head.

Answer No. 6:

Not necessary! Dogs live well without mating. Health tying is not exactly added.

Answer No. 7:

Knit pedigreed thoroughbred dogs. Those who participated in exhibitions and included in the breeding plan. All the rest is called nothing more than fruitfulness ..

Answer No. 8:

Friend vet?
Bitches can live peacefully and without mating and birth ... Especially, if not tribal, what kind of knitting is it?
Just watch the dog in the heat and everything ...

Answer No. 9:

We did not knit our own. Now she is 6 years old. A week ago, the uterus was removed, tk. There was inflammation. The doctor said that in nulliparous dogs after five years this is the most common disease. Therefore, it is better to either reduce or sterilize. The third heat is the first, in six months - the second, and six months later - the third)

Answer No. 10:

Do not be friends with your girlfriend.
Now think for yourself, believe a moron or think about it yourself?

Answer No. 11:

And what kind of breed? If thoroughbred, then you can also tie.
And if the mongrel, then the mating is contraindicated by society.

Answer No. 12:

A dog is not your choice to take a toy

Answer # 13:

On the website of the Society for the Protection of Animals recommend sterilization.
Sexual instinct of animals causes a lotOther troubles. Twice a year the bitch has a heat lasting about a month, and all this time the dog needs to be kept in isolation. During this period, she, like a magnet, attracts males to her. Whenever you bring her out into the street, even on a short leash and just for the purpose of the need, a whole flock of four-legged ladies will immediately follow her. With males - even worse: they need to be watched all the time. It is worth to be near a bitch with a heat, as they escape. And nothing will stop them: no roads full of cars, no railroad tracks, not even barbed wire. There are cases when the desire was so great that the dogs ran away from home, smashing the windows.

That's why the bitches are important to sterilize, and the males -To castrate. Interference in nature, mockery of animals, you say? But think about the unfortunate fate of the cubs that appeared as a result of the love of your dog for a homeless lady, about the males who came under the car in pursuit of your bitch, and it will immediately become clear that it is much more humane to immediately castrate or sterilize your pet.

This operation is completely safe, the animal afterShe quickly recovers. Moreover, the risk of many diseases, including cancer, is reduced. Bitches permanently get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon as false pregnancy, males become less aggressive.

Your pet will not gain weight if it is properly fed and given sufficient physical activity. By the way, the dog will require less food, which will favorably affect your wallet.

Answer # 14:

Our dog is already 8 years old. Have never done anything. Lives himself perfectly

Answer No. 15:

No, of course, not necessarily. She will live well without it. Crochet tribal bitches, is this your case?

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