/ / C dogs and professional breeders explain why dogs eat the feces of other dogs, sniff and lick their anus ???

The owners and professional breeders explain why dogs eat the feces of other dogs, sniff and lick their anuses ???

Answer # 1:

If the dog eats fichelia, then it is already some kind ofproblem. Either the dog lacks something in the diet, or the dog so attracts attention, or it has something like a psychological trauma. Sometimes this occurs in dogs, which the owners have been accustomed to paddock by poking their muzzle into puddles and piles of houses.
And the fact that the dog sniffs other dogs and their notes- this is normal behavior for the dog. Just like the language of hygiene to guide. Dogs thus determine who was here. Whose territory is this, and they get acquainted with sniffing. If the dogs, while meeting cries in different directions, pull, then it is possible to bring to a fight: the natural behavior is disturbed at a meeting, the dogs can misinterpret these jerks.
Nothing happens to the child. The child himself, when in the sandbox or grass digs into even more unclear what dirt gets in: cats go to the sandbox to the toilet, birds on the grass croak, in the same grass peasants spit ... Well, do not give the dog immediately lick the face after that , As she climbed somewhere. Plus, in time to vaccinate and flauntle. At the same time, and in the framework of prophylaxis, the owners will not sometimes lose anthelminthic drugs.
It's still a dog. She must sniff, dig, run, bark, shed.

Answer # 2:

If the dog eats feces, then it's not enough vitamins. And the fact that they smell it that way they get acquainted. Something like this.

Answer # 3:

The dog's diet will be adjusted and will not be this. We have raw meat and a scar not cleaned to add the basis of the ration dry. Food has saved this habit.

Answer # 4:

Too, that the dog eats fictilia, right, do not suck vitamins ... that they sniff and lick that ritual, you can not get away from it ... a dog like a child must be constantly flayed ...

Answer # 5:

In fact, not a single expert (well, exceptSpecialists of this project) can not clearly explain and justify coprophagy of the canine. Versions are very different, one contradicts the other, the recommendations are no better. Different dogs eat vitamin D. Both naturalists and dryers. Moreover, coprophagy in the dog and in nature occurs. It does not cause any particular harm. But if you are not pleased, then leash and training forbidding commands will solve all your problems.

Answer No. 6:

I have never seen such a ... we do not eat strangers shit ... sniff yes ... we can and pour it right there ... and past ... apparently there is not enough vitamins))))

Answer No. 7:

Concerning coprophagy, it should be noted thatDogs do not eat the feces of other dogs or any predators, but with pleasure they consume the waste products of the life of herbivores and humans (especially children) because of the content of acid-milk microflora and LVT in them, which is destructive of the intestinal epithelium, in which predators experience an acute shortage. Giving prebiotics to dogs, you just compensate for what they should have taken with normal food if they lived in the wild. Http://dog-sledding.ru/s-kiselyov-o-pishhe/

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