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How to wean a dog on a bed, sofa, etc?

Answer # 1:

You can chop off a dog from anything. Another question, why? But dogs need to be washed after each walk, and if you do not want to, then puppyhood should be banned. My first dog in the corridor was asleep, now I think what a fool I was!

Answer # 2:

So as not to happen to the dog trouble - give it to the dog ...

Answer # 3:

Just do not let it. As soon as they saw, drive. While scolding, only verbally. Accustom to the sunbed.

Answer # 4:

This did not have to be allowed in childhood

Answer # 5:

While you are at home - to ban and send to the place. When there is no one, you can close the door to the room, block the sofa with chairs (legs up and out so that they can not crawl between them). Connect fantasy - what does the dog dislike? My friend Airdlik was terribly afraid of toys with pshchalkami, so they bought a whole bunch and laid out under a blanket. She puts her paw on the couch - it's on, it's scary! I jumped 3 times and whispered! But the familiar Caucasus was helped only plywood with small carnations under the veil - severely several, but nothing else could not do.

Answer No. 6:

If it's a male, tie a brick or dumbbell to the eggs.

Answer No. 7:

It is necessary to put stools on the sofa and bedPut up when you leave. We are so weaned. When he was a little in the armchair at night, he slept, when he was no longer fit to start ruffling him. We put the stool up with the legs. So he managed to climb in the back of the chair at night! Well, and of course fell on a stool from which all woke up. After that, if you see a stool on the couch that does not climb anymore

Answer No. 8:

THIS IS MY OPINION. If you do not want the dog to lie on your upholstered furniture, make her a soft and warm stove. It does not require much money. Buy a special candy bar with cell structure filled with mattresses, cut a piece of suitable size from it and wrap it in an old sheet - this bed is suitable for a dog that loves coolness.

If your dog is thermophilic, then instead of a sheet, use an old blanket. To some
Dogs need heat in the cold season, and cool - in a warm.

Right start. If the dog has already got used to lie on upholstered furniture, it will be difficult to wean it. If you want your dogs not to climb on armchairs and sofas, then you must establish this clear rule for all family members. This means that your whole family must unite to fight this habit with the dog. One uninitiated person can bury all your efforts and lead the dog into confusion.

Answer No. 9:

You can put a couple of cocked mousers on the bed. It will clap painfully - it will not climb on the bed. This method works well in the absence of hosts.

Answer No. 10:

From my experience. Cured the puppy "Caucasian". I really smoke. When he climbed, he dragged himself out and exhaled into his nose. I did not get down in a flash, but I flew. Suffered 2 days. Then I began to peel off as soon as I showed him the cigarette. And then he stopped altogether.

Answer No. 11:

Kill all the beds and sofas)))

Answer No. 12:

Initially you need to wean the dog owner to say the word "ZALAZIT"! In Russian, speaking, it was correct to say "climb."

Answer # 13:

The couch will not help, if used since childhood, it will still climb

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