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Which dog, the best security and watchdog qualities ??

Answer # 1:

Caucasian Shepherd Dog. The breed is one of the largest, so do not say what will happen to those who think of coming to visit you with bad intentions. The strength of the Caucasian sheepdog will be enough for a pack of wolves in the face of ill-wishers, devotion - not to abandon the master in a difficult moment, and kindness, in order to endure any children's pranks and enjoy every master step.
Being a very large breed, the Caucasian ShepherdDoes not require a long walk. Enough 1-1.5 hours of walking per day with the opportunity to frolic, to maintain the physical strength of the pet at the level.
Alabai - the best dog guards, however,The content of the Alabai occupation is not simple. It is necessary to recognize that this beast is incredibly powerful and ferocious, and therefore the master must be ready to seriously engage in education and training. This applies to all breeds, but especially the Caucasian Shepherd, Moscow watchdog and Alabai.
The breed needs a strong leader, but with responsibleThe owners will receive a reliable, even loving protector of the house, family and children, ready to go after him to hell in order to take revenge with even greater pressure. Particular attention should be paid to the vagina, since the breed is powerful, and let the excess physical energy go through various active activities.
Riesenschnauzer - for him protection of a private houseFavorite pastime. An unpretentious, faithful and incredibly brave, a risen schnauzer is a formidable guard who will not be afraid of the devil or god when it comes to protecting the master. Riesans are good at training, are soft towards children and are affectionate to their owners.
This breed is very active, and will not missThe opportunity to frolic with the owner. Be sure to exhaust the dog physically so that all the energy of the dog is directed to a peaceful channel, and also helps to recruit and maintain muscle mass. Perhaps the only drawback of the Risenschnauzer may seem to be the care of the coat.
German Shepherd

Answer # 2:

They want to steal - no dog will help.

Answer # 3:

Dude, today no one guards with dogs, and everywhere there are cameras with motion sensors and armed guards. The dog even sprinkled a pepper spray and croaked it.

Answer # 4:

At service and guard breeds. But just little money is enough, the dog needs to be engaged, so that she conducts security properly, was able to correctly hold the detention, and not just on the bark of the bark.
But against the bullet no dog can stand.

Answer # 5:

A friend left his jacket on haymaking with documentsOn the car, gave the dog a command to "guard" well, and the cook is found while loading, while unloading, while eating lunch ... the dog, the jacket, and the documents were taken short the next morning. The dog of the ALABAY breed, although I prefer the Germans

Answer No. 6:

In the service breed dog that passed the OKD coursesOr SGS and ZKS or USG. All the rest is purely individual, within the breed can be dogs and more pronounced watchful qualities, and with less pronounced. For example, my Mittel to protect the apartment began on the morning of the second day after his arrival, as he realized that here he would live, and from acquaintances, the middelish lets all in a row and does not bark at guests, and shakes his tail. And after all, relatives))) it's true, our litter already during the activation was rushing into the attack on the veta, when another puppy was squeaking at stigmatization, so this is noticeable from puppyhood. But how to choose a puppy suitable for protection is another matter)))

Answer No. 7:

In well-trained and having a strong genetics (a group of service books for example)

Answer No. 8:

At well-trained service breeds, passed at least OKD and ZKS. The genetics of the breed is as important as the genealogy.

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