/ / What dog does not eat sluggishly with a dog 3 days of a nose dry hot shepherd German? Dog 10 years old

What dog does not eat lethargically for 3 days? The nose of a dry hot shepherd German? Dog 10 years old

Answer # 1:

Perhaps pyroplasmosis. It's season now.

Answer # 2:

The symptomatology approaches or suits under the same pyroplasmosis, still couple of hours of sitting in front of the monitor and will go to prepare a place where you will dig in the pet

Answer # 3:

Dig a grave and look for a hunter, the veterinarian did not see you in your locality, there will be no one to put the dog to sleep.

Answer # 4:

There is such a specialty-wind! You can call home!

Answer # 5:

The diagnosis is specific - the dog owner is a bastard. So one thing is to wish for - you will be lying sick, let no one call a doctor and you are not lucky in the hospital, so that you understand how your dying dog is feeling now.

Answer No. 6:

The dog has a soulless owner with steel nerves: three days to watch how the dog gets worse and does not tear himself away from the computer ....

Answer No. 7:

Wait further. Sit still and you will not have to go to the branch any more.

Answer No. 8:

I wonder how much you have enough? Until the dog dies?

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