/ / It already starts to irritate me .. So can dogs have dice or not?

It already starts to irritate me .. So it is possible for dogs of a bone or not ??

Answer # 1:

Well, you would have read more notes for surgeons. Who rescued dogs from this system. The feeding system does not understand what ....

You can give bones. If the dog knows how to eat them and digests well, give them with a large piece of raw meat. While the dog is ripping off and eating meat. It is not enough already on the bone. So pomysolit and throw out. And it will not be a bone. If she is given a chance to eat raw meat. As it is so in Penza

Answer # 2:

My dog ​​eats everything, and bones especially, and the cat there too! Of course you can))

Answer # 3:

Yes, life is generally harmful. Do not suffer from garbage.

Answer # 4:

It is possible, my Jonik all my life I eat bones and nothing happened to him ... (he is already 8 years old)

Answer # 5:

If the bone fragment is sharp, it can become stuck in the sewer or damage it.

Answer No. 6:

All bones that can be cracked can not be given. If you want so much, you can give a huge bean to gnaw meat.

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In general, I do not understand why such an acute need to feed bones. Nutritional benefit in them is completely absent.

Answer No. 7:

When using bones, there is always a risk of getting them stuck in the throat, perforating or blocking the digestive tract.

Answer No. 8:

Puppy can be raw beef not tubular bones,Only to gnaw, not to chip or swallow, which he can not possibly do because of the weakness of the baby teeth. After the change of teeth to the root, it is not desirable at all to give any bones. Theoretically the dog can digest raw bones, unless of course it will not get stuck, but I had a puppy in my childhood who swallowed a damp bone, had to put an enema, went to God, and nothing was digested.

Answer No. 9:

The dog is a predator and can not live without bones.

Answer No. 10:

The bone component must be present inDiet. Only the bone must be necessarily moist and not tubular. Even better if the bone is in meat and veins. From a common piece of meat, to feeding, bone approximately, a fourth of the portion, it is better to give a bone after the dog has eaten, the bone should be large, without small chips. For small dogs, such as chihu and toi, a raw chicken neck or head or ends from wings for one feeding, two or three times a week, will do.

Answer No. 11:

You can not have tubular, sharp, fish and boiled bones. The rest can be

Answer No. 12:

The Braht system is absolute nonsense. What an idiot thought up that you can dispose of anything in a dog. Dogs do not eat bones, only with very great hunger, and at home, according to the idea, they should not have such hunger. The maximum that you can - give the dog a bone with the remains of the flesh, that she would eat it, the bone itself is selected.

Answer # 13:

When a puppy dog ​​before a change of teeth, you can giveChew on beef shoes, so that there was something to do, and not recoup on the interior items, the puppy would take it and not hurt himself. An adult dog can be given to swallow the same moss, but when there's a naked bone, it makes no sense, although I occasionally take it and clean it, I have a very young "toothy" toy, we do not live with toys for long, if God forbid, Pull out (toys are played only on the street).

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