/ / Can I put my dog ​​to sleep? (And it is VERY expensive in veterinary medicine).

Is it possible to put the dog to sleep? (And it is VERY expensive in veterinary medicine).

Answer # 1:

Most of these substances are not sold without a prescription, barbiturates including. You can, of course, try to distinguish them from other medicines, such as Corvalolum. I do not know how difficult this is.
From the legal point of view - if you do not torture a dog, you can kill. This is your property.

Answer # 2:

Why do you need to put a dog to sleep?

Answer # 3:

You can call the doctor at home. That he conducted this procedure at home.

Answer # 4:

Kill your own native dog - a humane way of what?

Answer # 5:

Why put to sleep?

Answer No. 6:

As this medicine kills - no one will sell it to you.

Answer No. 7:

Give those dogs to another person who will deal with her, and will fight her aggression, because of the vet to lull the dog stupidly

Answer No. 8:

Narcotic drugs of this kind are subject to strict accountability and are not released into the hands. You can get it only through friends-acquaintances among doctors, but they are unlikely to want to risk their career.

Answer No. 9:

Not "penobarbital", and phenobarbital.
Refers to the list of potent and toxic substances (list of BCPAs).
Vacation is strictly by prescription.
In detail - http://www.phenobarbitalum.ru/.

Answer No. 10:

Fucking had to start? To after some time to euthanize ??

Answer No. 11:

Gerasim and moo-mu help you

Answer No. 12:

There are no such drugs in free sale. And you can ask how much it is - UNREALLY expensive - to give your pet to leave normally and painlessly?

Answer # 13:

You will not get drugs or semi-narcotic substances

Answer # 14:

You can buy it but it costs from 5000 and you need less than 5ml or even less. Easier to call home

Answer No. 15:

Give someone a dog, suddenly heal!

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