/ Are there exhibitions for dogs without breeds?

Are there exhibitions for dogs without breeds?

Answer # 1:

There are exhibitions, it is necessary to look on the Internet. And you will also be admitted to training competitions. But in my opinion, RKF (cynological organization), from a certain year, does not give out to the dogs without a pedigree certificates from the competitions. I remember that some unfair situation was introduced in them. But you can participate in any case. And not all competitions are held by the RKF. And so any kind of sports training is open to you. Also, look, maybe in your city there is some local cynological community organization, you can turn to it for help.

Answer # 2:

Sometimes they organize, but I have not seen such events for a long time, since everything needs to be paid for-organization, renting premises, experts, prize fund ...

Answer # 3:

Http://www.dogster.ru/cicero/metis/ there are virtual competitions! Have a look!

Answer # 4:

Exist. In Moscow and other cities annually passes the "Barbosa Cup", where dogs are evaluated according to different criteria: obedience, funny appearance, size and other merits. Only mongrel dogs participate.

Answer # 5:

In Murmansk, not long ago, this was the "Noble Gubernia". In general, they are, but very rarely.

Answer No. 6:

Exhibitions have a definite purpose. Official exhibitions of pedigreed animals are understandable, and zootechnical event and show. Trade shows such as the watchdog cup for mongrel dogs are rarely held, their goal is to draw people's attention to mongrels, shelter dogs. The dog is phenotypically similar to the breed, but not having documents about the origin does not fall under them. There are only contests on the Internet, funny-beautiful photo and so on.

Answer No. 7:

Yes, but very, very rarely.

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