/ / For what purpose do thoroughbred dogs have tails and ears?

What is the purpose of thoroughbred dogs to be cut off by tails and ears?

Answer # 1:

In many breeds now forbid to stop earsAnd tails. Initially, the dogs ears and tails were stopped for a reason - it was necessary in connection with a particular function that this or that dog carried.

Talking about the old tradition of Turkmens to cut tails and ears from their sheep-dogs, he stressed that "this custom is caused by obvious utility, manifested in removing vulnerable parts from the body."
This practice appeared hundreds of years ago, whenDogs were pruned with ears and tail to strengthen their invulnerability against a possible rival, another dog or beast. The docked tail of the terrier is a "handle", pulling on which you can, without causing the dog harm, pull it out of the hole.
Now there is little practical benefit in stopping. There is a movement toward changing the breed with this fact in mind, but many organizations strongly resist this.
There is at least one practical reasonTo tailor the tail to hunting dogs - during the hunt, they are part of traumatizing their tails. If the dog is not hunting, then this is a contentious issue. Many owners of terriers, whose dogs participate in hunting, believe that tailoring is a very practical and useful procedure.

Answer # 2:

False statement: the ears and tail of dogs are only cut off "for beauty" and because "it's so accepted."
Disclaimer: Each breed was derived for any purpose. And the cupping is justified by the appointment of the breed. What wolfhound of an Asian with a tail and ears? Decreased maneuverability, increases traumatism. Or a Doberman is a bodyguard dog. If her ears are intercepted, your bodyguard is over! Or the staff is a rat hunter. Where is he catching with the ears of the rat rats, clinging to the ears for any obstacle?

Answer # 3:

No longer stop, otherwise on a monopedigree exhibition will not get!

Answer # 4:

Because pedigree dogs have a standard and they were taken out for a specific purpose. Now by the way, many do not stop

Answer # 5:

For 8 years, the European Union has forbidden a cupping. Cropped dog for exhibitions is not allowed, and accordingly in breeding. Doctors who do such operations, are deprived of a license for veterinary activities.

Answer No. 6:

To keep the hard format of a certain breed. Often, this is done by people who want to earn fabulous money on their pets by participating in various exhibitions. Champions.. . Believe me, the tail and ears are trifles. Rather, it's a tough standard. It comes even to the bite of the dog and to bark.

Answer No. 7:

For protection in case of an attack.
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