/ / And the dogs from the shelter are free? If, for example, I decided to take a dog from the shelter - do I have to pay for it?

And the dogs from the shelter are free? If, for example, I decided to take a dog from the shelter - do I have to pay for it?

Answer # 1:

Even if nothing is taken from you, bring with you adequate food for those who are less fortunate than your chosen one. Just.

Answer # 2:

A small symbolic sum for the needs of the shelter.

Answer # 3:

It's in every shelter in different ways, call and ask. In theory, it's good to pay, since they treat and heal them there before giving it back.

Answer # 4:

If you decide - take it. Do not reduce the impression.

Answer # 5:

Pay all the same you need, but the amount is not large)

Answer No. 6:

Maybe free, but the monthly maintenance of thousands of 5 will rise exactly, and certainly more - no money - do not wind up.

Answer No. 7:

For free, you can donate groceries for animals

Answer No. 8:

There will be more and more curatorship over you, with reports about the life of the dog

Answer No. 9:

I took a dog not from a shelter, but underPartial supervision of the fund for helping animals, that is, the dog was not needed by the previous owners, but he did not live in overexposure, not in a shelter, but in the previous family until he moved to a new family. Could not pay anything, but gave the previous owners some money, just according to the notion that an animal or a plant needs to either buy or steal))) Yes, I reported periodically to the curators about the life of the dog, sent photos and stories to the site. The fund never required money from me. But in the contract of transfer of the animal it is usually indicated that the fund (in my case, in yours - the shelter) has the right to take back the animal if you do not provide him with the due care and maintenance. And helping or not helping the shelter is your personal business, in my opinion. In our, city shelter, I sometimes give away unnecessary things - old blankets, bed linens for rags, collars, leashes, unused medicines - all this is needed there.

Answer No. 10:

Have to! And much more than if you buy from a breeder. I'll have to take a lot of money to a veterinarian, a cynologist, to make repairs in the apartment, maybe not one.

Answer No. 11:

Depends on the shelter, where nothing, where cleanA symbolic price. But in a normal shelter, dogs are given a contract with the ability to check how they are kept. Business in another, you say that there is no money, and the content of the dog-pleasure is not cheap.

Answer No. 12:

Under the contract of the maintenance and tracing of destinyAnimal. Ask the curator you liked the animal, he will tell everything. You have to pay, be prepared. As a rule, animals need to be cured from there, and treatment of money and time costs.

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