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How to get rid of fleas from a Yorkshire Terrier puppy 3 months

Answer # 1:

Fleas, lice, withers parasitize on dogs,If those are irregularly cleaned and not subject to preventive washing and treatment against these insects. Most dogs are affected by fleas. In such cases, dogs show severe itching, scratches and abrasions from scratching, often - baldness of individual skin areas. A dog tries to catch fleas with teeth (characteristic behavior). Often fleas from dogs migrate to humans, causing skin itching. Sometimes it is not possible to detect fleas on the dog, but at the same time there are clear signs of their presence: the dog worries, itches the hair, the skin and hair have dark, dried particles (dried flea and blood). For testing, these particles are placed in a test tube or other transparent glassware with a small amount of water. Coloring the water in a reddish color will indicate a parasitic flea on the dog.
When dogs show signs similar toThe disease with ringworm, scabies, demodectic, and the detection of insects should seek help from a veterinarian. One of the effective means of fighting insects on dogs is washing them using a zooshampoo containing antiparasitic drugs. Treatment is performed twice in 10-12 days. After washing the dog with a zooshampoo, thoroughly wash it repeatedly with warm water and wipe it dry. At the same time, the treatment sites for the dog are processed (washing with soap, treatment with a 1% aqueous solution of chlorophos, 1% emulsion of carbophos, etc.). Against fleas, dogs also use insecticidal collars (collars containing chemical anti-block preparations). It should be borne in mind, however, that they are effective enough when used in conjunction with other preventive measures and control measures (when fleas are found on dogs, washing animals with warm water with zooshampoo containing anti-block preparations, periodically processing the dog's placement sites (floor, plinth, etc.) 1-percent solution of chlorophos, boiling pillowcases worn on the mat for resting the dog, etc.).

Answer # 2:

Such a collar ...

Answer # 3:

Buy a special spray

Answer # 4:

Wash with a special shampoo puppy and the floor in the apartment, wash in this shampoo its litter. After 3-5 days, treat the puppy with insecticide drops to prevent re-infection.

Answer # 5:

Redeem in anti-block shampoo. Dry, comb and then drip Front Line

Plus worms drive, fleas, their carriers

Answer No. 6:

Buy a spray or a drop of Froncline.

Answer No. 7:

There are and are sold in pet stores and other stores for cats and dogs, drops, collars.
Drops are the most effective remedy, as for myself, I have a cat true, but still there were fleas.
And now we bought drops, a cat ... and then I do not remember the name.
But still the drops are more effective.
And after the drops you need to purchase a collar, for safety.

Answer No. 8:

Such ampoules drip onto the withers. Poisonous for insects.

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