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Why do dogs howl at night?

Answer # 1:

A dog is a direct relative of a wolf.
In natural conditions, wolves usually howl afterSunset and before dawn - during their highest activity. In the daytime they rest and "talk" only with extreme need, with a short howl or whine.
Howling and whining for a wolf is their language. It contains both a threat, and longing, and a request for help, and a victorious cry. A wolf chorus is most often heard in winter, when animals organize collective hunting for large ungulates. In a powerful concerted choir they inform the other flock that the fodder lands are occupied. If the hunting pack is silent, it means that it is either small or in ambush. Single wolves do not howl ever.
The ability of the hearing aid of wolves is such thatThey can precisely locate the source of the sound, located a few kilometers away from them. The wolf "extradite" howling calls the male until he hears his response, then pauses in anticipation.

Answer # 2:

Someone's death is felt or death is predicted

Answer # 3:

Call of nature. The ancestors of dog-wolves at this time go out to eat, and they poor things on the chain. It's sad! ..

Answer # 4:

If someone watched a total solar eclipse,Then he knows that at these moments it happens with animals - cows moo, dogs howl, etc. But cows moo only when they see the sun suddenly shut something. Fear of something unknown, life-threatening (an intuitive person and animals feel this state), makes them express their emotions. At night, the cows are in the stall and do not see any moon. But dogs and wolves on the street and on a clear night watch the full moon. The sight of dogs and wolves does not distinguish color shades - it is black and white. Therefore, when a dog or a wolf does not sleep on a full moon for reasons of not being addicted to sleep or insomnia, then, by paying attention to the moon, they begin to interpret it by analogy with the sun. But the light in the district from the moon is more dim and resembles the moments of a solar eclipse. This frightens the animals and so they howl just as they did during the solar eclipse.

Answer # 5:

In the old days it was believed that if a dog howls at night, it is to a fire or to death

Answer No. 6:

And my never howled.

Answer No. 7:

Deposit of wolves. If you do not know, but the dogs have descended from wolves, like people from monkeys!

Answer No. 8:

Scary and cold!

Answer No. 9:

Animals inform a person of trouble that walks nearby. Usually when aunt with a scythe goes after the souls hunting, then the dogs report trouble. You need to love dogs and understand their soul. They often tell people, but people fuck them and have sex, but spiritual purity and Truth are uninteresting to them. So our aunt is crying ... The aunt (the spirit of death) usually goes around with a scythe where they live by carnal interests, squashing stem cells and shortening their worthless lives, preparing an eternal crematorium ....

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