/ Why do not Muslims tolerate the spirit of dogs? Are too clean?

Why do not Muslims tolerate the spirit of dogs? Are too clean?

Answer # 1:

At you erroneous information, that here directly allMuslims. But there is an interpretation such, at the level of the myth, that someone with dogs will not go to heaven. But there is also a text where, apparently, the dog-watchman is praised. In Bulgaria there were no persecutions for dogs, in Afghanistan there was some kind of massacre. In general, the case was due to the war with the Zoroastrians, initially there were only hygienic restrictions (not from one dish, for example). Then erroneous interpretations joined, well, and here and there such a prejudice is.
Here, I found ALL references to the dog in the Qur'an. There are only 3:
1) Al-Maida Allah says that among the blessings permitted to the believer is game, which is allowed to hunt with the help of dogs (Koran, 5: 4).
2) In the surah "Al?Araf "Allah reproaches the one to whom signs were given, but he preferred to follow his whims. He compares such a person with a dog that breathes, sticking out his tongue, regardless of whether they drive her away or leave her alone (Koran 7: 176).
3) And, finally, the famous story of pious young men in the cave guarded by their dog (Koran, 18:18, 22).

Answer # 2:

Come on. Eat for a soul soul.

Answer # 3:

In the sense of "do not tolerate"? Do not eat or what?

Answer # 4:

They consider the dog a dirty animal. In accordance with the laws of Islam, a Muslim is forbidden to purchase a dog.

About the root causes more here: https://otvet.mail.ru/answer/297887167

Answer # 5:

What kind of nonsense .. but how did they breed the breed? The same Afghans, Tazi, Saluki, tobets, CAO ..

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Answer No. 7:

As for the "uncleanness" of dogs, the arguments that the Islamic "scientists" cite are excellent for people. But not one has "killed himself against the wall".

Answer No. 8:

Oh, yes, people who at home eat with their hands like animals and the truth is very clean)
And the Muslims used the dog as a watchman. All the peoples of the world used dogs as watchmen and hunters. Maybe they had such a fiancee that the dog is evil, but 100% did not adhere to it

Answer No. 9:

Tuzik from the orphanage Muslim family will not take. Most Muslims do not like dogs, they are afraid, they consider them not pure animals. And there are also those who keep the nurseries of the same CAO, and many decorate the scenery now, they are also starring at exhibitions.

Answer No. 10:

Even in the Orthodox Church there is a ceremony of lighting the church, if a dog enters it.

Answer No. 11:

In the Caucasus, dogs are very fond of shepherds and guards. Alabay breed.

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